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Victims: [Contamination Trail]
Johanna Huden, New York Post (‘index’ patient; presenting finger blister on Sep 21)
Richard Morgano, Hamilton postal center (machine technician; presenting arm blisters on Sep 22)
Erin O’Connor, NBC (presenting fever and rash Oct 1; admin.Cipro Oct 1)
Casey Chamberlain, NBC (presenting lesion on her leg Oct 1 (?)– opened and handled the ‘Brokaw’ letter from Trenton)
Teresa Heller, West Trenton letter carrier (presenting lesion Sep 27, hospitalized Oct 3; anthrax dx on Oct 18)
Claire Fletcher, CBS (presenting lesion Oct 1)
[infant son] ABC (exposed Sep 28, hospitalized Oct 1)
*Bob Stevens, AMI     [The First Victim] (hospitalized early a.m. Oct 2, died Oct 5)
Ernesto Blanco, AMI    [The First Victim] (ill from Sep24, hospitalized Oct 1; anthrax dx on Oct 16)
Stephanie Dailey, AMI (confirmed exposure Oct 10, no illness, not counted as an infection case)
Patrick O’Donnell, Hamilton (hospitalized Oct 16, cutaneous dx)
Jyotsna Patel, Hamilton (hospitalized Oct 16, inhalation dx)
Norma Wallace, Hamilton (became ill Oct 14, hospitalized Oct.19, first recognized NJ inhalation case)
Linda Burch, Hamilton Township accounting office (cutaneous dx on Oct 22)
Leroy Richmond, Brentwood(&other) postal center [Washington D.C.] (hospitalized Oct 19)
David R. Hose, State Dept. mail center (hospitalized Oct 25)
Mark Cunningham, New York Post (exposed on or before Oct 19, cutaneous lesion Oct 23, hospitalized Oct 28)
William Monagas, New York Post (exposed on or before Oct 19, cutaneous dx)
*Thomas Morris Jr,, Brentwood Road postal center (hospitalized Oct 21, died Oct 21)
*Joseph Curseen Jr, Brentwood Road postal center (hospitalized Oct 21, died Oct 22)
*Kathy Nguyen, Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat (hospitalized Oct 28, died Oct 31)
*Ottilie Lundgren, Oxford Connecticut (hospitalized Nov 15 or 16, died Nov 21)
See the Case-by-Case page for individual accounts of the victims
John S. Farkas – Seymour, Ct., possessed a tainted letter [Contamination Trail]
Michael D. Farkas – Miami lawyer, Titan Corp., SkyWay [South Florida Aviation, Dots Connect…]
James R. (Jim) Bath [South Florida Aviation]
George W. Bush
News Media: [Contamination Trail]
New York Post ( resulted in 3 cases; ‘index’ case 9/21/01, plus two more cutaneous cases, 10/23/01); Lachlan Murdoch
NBC – the ‘Brokaw’ letter (resulted in 2 cutaneous cases, Sep30-Oct1)
CBS – no letter, 1 cutaneous case
ABC – no letter, 1 case of employee’s infant
American Media Inc : National Enquirer/Sun/Globe/Star/National Examiner/WorldWeeklyNews (2 cases, 1 confirmed exposure)
Hachette Filipacchi Magazines/Media
Hartford Courant
New York Times [PublishersMedia,  Hoaxes]
St. Petersburg Times
Washington Post
Baltimore Sun
UCLA online
UMinnesota online
Tom Brokaw
Judith Miller [Anthrax Vaccine, Hoaxes]
Howard Troxler
Sean Hannity [Hoaxes]
Bill O’Reilly
William Rees-Mogg [PublishersMedia]
Christopher Ruddy
(Anthrax news sources)
Lawrence K. Altman, MD – New York Times
Marilyn Thompson – Washington Post; “Killer Strain”
Scott Shane
Alex Constantine – independent [BioPort]
Edward Lake – independent [Contamination Trail]
Debora MacKenzie – New Scientist
Christopher Bollyn –  [Galaxy Aerospace]
Daniel Hopsicker – of Mad Cow Morning News [South Florida Aviation, Dots Connect…]
Doctors and Scientists:
Matthew Meselson – Salk Institute/Harvard
Jeanne Guillemin (Mrs. Meselson)
Dr. Larry Bush – JFK Medical Center [The First Victim]
Paul Keim – NAU, Los Alamos
John Ezzell  [Washington D.C.]
Barabara H. Rosenberg [The Patsies]
Joshua Lederberg – Rockefeller U.
Meryl Nass [Spores]
Stanley A. Plotkin [Fort Detrick]
Jonas Salk – Salk Institute [Dots Connect…]
Jerome Hauer [BioPort]
Tommy G. Thompson
William C. Patrick III [Spores]
Thomas Inglesby, author of “Anthrax: A Possible Case Scenario”
Donald A. Henderson
Ari Fleischer
Ari Schuler
Thomas H. Kean [Johnson & Johnson & Jersey]
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Hank Asher   [Boca Raton]
Rahm Emanuel – political money; Our Common Values is Rahm Emanuel’s PAC [Political Action Committee] [Dots Connect…]
Suspects/Patsies: [The Patsies]
Stephen Jay Hatfill
Phillip Zack
Bruce E. Ivins
Larry C. Ford – Irvine, CA
Dr. Ayaad Assaad
Hijackers: [The Hijackers]
Mohammed Atta
Marwan Al-Shehhi – rented through Gloria Irish
Alhaznawi – ‘mystery lesion’ on his leg
Saeed Alghamdi
Makram M. Chams [Dots Connect…]
Bradley Perkins – leader of Florida team;
James M. Hughes
Philip S. Brachman [Fort Detrick]
Nicole Coffin – spokesperson
Ann Schucat
Jeffrey P. Koplan – CDC Director
Jim Hayslett – investigator [The Letters]
Barry Mawn, FBI Assistant Director in Charge [NY] (interview about John O’Neill)
Thomas A. Constantine
Donnie Marshall
Asa Hutchinson
Tim Hutchinson
Ira L. Sorkin
Dickstein Shapiro – law firm
James Woolsey (CIA Director 1993-1995)
George Tenet
Titan Corp
Agora, Inc:
Joel S. Nadel – Newsletter Management Corporation [Dots Connect…]
Michael Masterson (aka Mark Ford; The Oxford Club and Early To Rise)
Philip L. Nadel
Royal Society of Liechtenstein
Arthur Nadel – bought Huffman flight school from Wally Hilliard
Eugene Gorab – latest owner of ‘Huffman’ [South Florida Aviation]
Senators: (office contamination) [The Politicians]
Tom Daschle (D-So. Dakota, Senate Majority Leader), Hart Senate Building
Patrick Leahy (Vermont)
Bob Graham (Florida)
Diane Feinstein (Calif)
Barbara Boxer (D- Calif)
Richard Lugar (R- Indiana)
Jon Corzine (D- New Jersey)
Max Baucus (D- Montana)
Russell Feingold (D- Wisconsin)
Joseph Lieberman (D- Connecticut)
Barbara Mikulski (D- Maryland)
Arlen Spector (R- Penn.)
Edward Kennedy (D- Mass.)
Christopher Dodd (D- Conn.)
Representatives: (office contamination)
John Baldacci (D, Maine)
Rush D. Holt (D, New Jersey)
Mike Pence (R, Indiana)
Sen. Bill Frist – “was the Congressional spokesman during the 2001 anthrax attacks.” (wikipedia)
Sen. Bill Nelson [The Clean Up]
NY Gov. Pataki
NYC Mayor Giuliani [The Clean Up]
FL Gov. Jeb Bush
FL Gov. Charlie Crist
American Media Inc: (bldg. closed Oct.7, 2001, reopened Feb.2007)
David J. Pecker – CEO
Evercore Partners – owners
Roger C. Altman
Austin Buetner
Anthony Pritzker
Michael J. Price (Evercore and Amdocs) [September 11]
James Lee – Vice-Chairman of Chase Manhattan,_Jr.
Thomas H. Lee Partners [Dots Connect…]
Herbert H. Schiff
Ted Ammon – Big Flower Holdings [Junk Mail & Murder, Dots Connect…]
Generosa Ammon
Daniel Pelosi
Gerald Shargel (“Gotti’s lawyer”)
Victoria Gotti
Blackstone Group – Boca Corporate Center and Campus (former IBM Campus) [Who Benefits]
Joe Weider
Ben Weider
Daniel Rotstein – AMI VP, lawyer
Michael Kahane – AMI VP, lawyer
Jordan Arizmandi – AMI summer intern
Henry Ostaszewski – AMI veteran security supervisor
David Rustine – new AMI owner [The Clean Up]
Bio-One/Sabre Technical Services/Giuliani Partners [The Clean Up, Who Benefits]
John Y. Mason
Marcor Remediation
David Jungers
Maureen Stevens – filed suit in 2003 [The First Victim]
Richard D. Schuler – Mrs. Stevens lawyer
Michael Irish – Bob Stevens’s boss and friend
Gloria Irish – Pelican Realty, rented to hijackers
Michael J. Berman – co-founder of GEORGE Magazine, President of Galaxy Ventures [American Media Inc]
John F. Kennedy Jr. [Dots Connect…]
Pritzker Group [Galaxy Aerospace]
Galaxy/Astra Aerospace
Israel Aircraft Industries
Shalom Yoran
Flight Safety International – trained hijackers
Ross Perot (& Jr) – Alliance Airport, Fort Worth
Galaxy Ventures [American Media Inc., Dots Connect…]
BioPort: only licensed US  anthrax vaccine
Fuad El-Hibri
Zsolt Harsanyi – president of Porton International plc (1983-2004)
Yoav Stern
Zivi Nedivi
Niv Harizman
Adm. William J. Crowe – former Joint Chiefs; Ambassador to UK
Israeli Technology Acquisition Corp [BioPort]
Bogen Communications – Michael Fleischer (Ari’s brother)
(Boca Raton)
Kemper Aviation – trained hijackers [South Florida Aviation]
Florida Atlantic University
DynPort Vaccine Company, LLC
Bayer AG – makers of Cipro
Michigan Biological Products Institute  – bought by BioPort
Project BioShield  [Who Benefits]
B’nai B’rith
Aum Shinrikyo Cult [Bioterrorism]
Antonio Banfi – Santiago, Chile;  rec’d letter from Zurich
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Project BACHUS

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