Oct 30, 2001 — “Thompson asks DoD to share vaccine
In a news teleconference, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson says he is asking the Department of Defense to share its anthrax vaccine, though no decisions have been made about who—if anyone—should be vaccinated. The stock of vaccine is held by Bioport Corp., Lansing, Mich., but the FDA has not authorized the company to release it for use. Thompson says FDA inspectors will be visiting the plant soon and Bioport could resume producing the vaccine as early as Nov 22. The company has 5 million doses, according to Thompson, but the company does not confirm that.”
Two versions of BioPort’s founding are presented here. Journalist Alex Constantine published in 2002 that Israeli Yoav Stern, former IDF, founded BioPort on June 22, 1995. Reference documentation appears to have vanished from the public internet. Current references indicate that BioPort was founded in 1998. Circumstantial facts favor the earlier date, in which case, private agreements may have been in place for BioPort to buy the Michigan Biologic Products Institute before it was inspected in 1996 and had its license revoked by the FDA. BioPorts purchase of MBPI occurred in ‘mid-stream’ of it’s 1997-98 closure for renovations.
Bioport was formed in 1998 to take over the assets of the stateowned Michigan Biological Products Institute (MBPI) in Lansing, Michigan, the only facility in the United States that had been producing the [anthrax] vaccine. BioPort paid $3.8 million in cash for MBPI, financing the rest of the $25 million cost with loans from the state of Michigan. Eleven days after the sale was finalized, in September 1998, DoD awarded BioPort a $45 million contract to supply anthrax vaccine to the US armed forces. The contract required the government to pay for up to 75% of the cost of the vaccine, even if the vaccine failed to be licensed for use“…
DOD Auditing document:  According to this report, the Michigan Department of Health was first contracted by the Army to make AVA vaccine in 1988. In 1996, the Biologic Products Institute was inspected by the FDA and subsequently issued a notice of intent to revoke its license the following March of 1997.  The facility was closed ”from early 1998 until May 1999″, reopening under new ownership by BioPort who completed a purchase on September 4, 1998 and received 3 transferred Army contracts in the deal. On September 15, 11 days later, the Army awarded a large contract “to support the new DOD policy that all military personnel were to be inoculated against anthrax” …”In June 1999, BioPort requested financial assistance…The firm also requested a decrease in the number of doses, an increase in the price per dose and a one-time advance cash payment. The Army Contract Adjustment Board granted BioPort extraordinary contractual relief..dated July 27, 1999.”…  
Journalist Alex Constantine has an alternate story on BioPort’s founders and first officers:
“The name BioPort is synonymous with mismanagement and contaminated product.
The company was founded on June 22, 1995 by Yoav Stern, a former avionics system officer specializing in F-15, A-4, Mirage and Kfir fighter jets for the Israeli Air Force. He was also commander of a flight training unit, and a deputy squadron commander.
The BioPort web site reports that one Zive R. Nedivi has been the CEO, president and a director of the company since June 1995. Mr. Nedivi also served in the Israeli Air Force and was the founder “of the predecessor of the company, an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Rada Electronic Industries Ltd.”12General William Lyon: Retired Air Force general, currently serves as a director of Board of Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Chairman of the Research and Development Institute at the Air Force Academy.”
Yoav Stern and Zivi Nedivi :
Israel Technology Acquisitions Corporation (and subsid ITAC Acquisitions) 
*Media citizen blog adds more information>>>Mr. Zivi Nedivi, founder of Rada Electronic Industries Ltd. Netanya, Israel
Mr. Zivi Nedivi, founder of Kellstrom Aerospace LLC, 1990 , Sunrise (Miramar) Florida 
Yoav Stern and Zivi Nedivi, executives of Bogen Communications International Inc ; Bogen Communications
Other executives of Bogen Communications listed by Reuters :
Jeffrey Schwartz – co-chair
Yoav Stern – co-chair; IDF Israeli
Jonathan Guss – CEO/director;  weapons industry
Maureen Flotard – CFO 
Hans Meiler – co-founder/director
Michael Fleischer – Pres/director; brother of GWBush press secretary, Ari Fleischer
Kasimir Arciszewski – dir
Zivi Nedivi – dir.; IDF Israeli
Source, Alex Constantine : “Three of BioPort’s Directors:
Niv Harizman: A director of the Company since December 1997. From January 1998 onward, Harizman was a principal with BT Alex. Brown Incorporated, the investment banking subsidiary of Bankers Trust New
York Corporation. From June 1996 until January 1998, Mr. Harizman was a Vice President with Alex. Brown. He started with Alex. Brown in 1995.
General William Lyon: Retired Air Force general, currently serves as a director of Board of Fidelity
National Financial, Inc. Chairman of the Research and Development Institute at the Air Force Academy.
Most interestingly of all, on the BioPort board sat another Iran-contra connection:
Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr.: A director of the company since March 1999. From 1985-89, Admiral Crowe held the position of chairman of Joint Chiefs under President Reagan. After retirement from the military in 1989, Admiral Crowe was a counselor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He has also served as chairman of the notorious President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, 1993-94, and served as U.S. ambassador to the UK and Northern Ireland, 1994-97. Admiral Crowe has previously served as a director of Merrill Lynch, Texaco and General Dynamics. He currently serves as a director of BioPort and Intervac, an investment firm. He is a part-time senior advisor to Global Options LLC. The admiral commanded US forces in the Middle East, was the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in southern Europe, and headed up the nation’s largest geographical military operation, the US Pacific Command. 13″
Media citizen adds information on Niv Harizman>>>Niv Harizman, director of Kellstrom Industries prior to 9-11; IDF Intelligence
Dec 1999
May 2000 – joined Credit Suisse from BT Alex Brown
Niv Harizman is a Founding Partner of Plainfield Asset Management LLC and the Head of Corporate Finance. Prior to joining Plainfield, Niv Harizman was a Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston from 2000 to 2005, where he was Head of Financial Sponsor M&A and New Business Development as part of the Firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group. During this period, his team helped originate and execute multiple M&A and financing mandates for financial sponsors and corporate clients of the firm, and he was responsible for calling on major hedge funds and private equity firms with financing and acquisition opportunities. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Harizman was a Managing Director in the Financial Sponsor Group of Bankers Trust Alex Brown where he was responsible for execution of various advisory and financing assignments. From 1994 to 1995, Mr. Harizman was an Associate in the M&A Group of Wasserstein Perella & Co. From 1990 to 1994, Mr. Harizman was an investment analyst and derivatives trader for Henry Crown & Co., the investment holding company of the Chicago-based Crown Family. From 1989 to 1990, Mr. Harizman worked on the trading floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) trading equity and index options. Prior to his professional career, from 1982 to 1986, Mr. Harizman served as a First Lieutenant in Military Intelligence in the Israeli Defense Forces. Mr. Harizman received a B.B.A. in 1989 from University of Texas at Austin and an M.B.A. in 1993 from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Max Holmes first associated with Mr. Harizman in 1989.    Plainfield Asset Mgt.- founded Feb.2005 ,three locations; Greenwich Conn., Summit New Jersey, London UK founder Max Holmes, Mgr Thomas X. Fritsch
Where is Yoav Stern now? April 2009
June 03, 2009 ”Magal Security Systems announced that Mr. Eitan Livneh has been appointed by the Board of Directors a President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), commencing August 2, 2009. Mr. Livneh will replace Mr. Yoav Stern, who is working in the capacity of Acting President and CEO of Magal during the interim period following the departure of the Company’s former CEO.”
Where is Zivi Nedivi now? – at AXION LLC
Nedivi is famous for landing a fighter jet with a missing wing –here’s a youtube! v=1lvEGohPmxk 
Jan 18, 2008 – “Lumenis VP  Zivi Nedivi, the chief operating officer, is quitting to take a job as partner and CEO at Axion, a hedge fund with $1.2 billion in assets. Another partner in Axion is Efi Gildor, who made headlines for opposing Saifun Semiconductor’s sale to Spansion, after he’d lost $20 million on his investment in Saifun. Lumenis commented that Nedivi will be staying as long as necessary to assure a smooth transition.”
Lumenis, Israeli company, financed by Veritas Venture Capital: “Veritas helped define Lumenis’s (then ESC) business plan and assemble the Company’s US/Israel-based founding team, and then led the Company’s seed round with Medmax Ventures. Veritas exited from the company in 1997.”
In 2004, BioPort underwent internal reorganization, technically acquired by its executives under a new parent company, Emergent BioSolutions. Company governance below is listed following the 2004 restructure. BioPort’s new name in 2004 became Emergent BioDefense Operations Lansing Incorporated. (E.B.O.L.I. ??)
Emergent BioSolutions sells only one product, an anthrax vaccine called BioThrax, to only one customer, the federal government.” …[June 2006] 
BioPort Directors:

 Fuad ElHibri – CEO/Chairman/director in 1998, (as of 2004,Chairman of Emergent BioSolutions); born in Germany; attended Stanford and Yale; formerly with Citigroup, Jeddah and New York; investment advisor for Booz Allen Hamilton; organized the privatization of the Porton Down CAMR into multiple Porton International entities through the auspices of Speywood Holdings Ltd.; principal of  I & F Holding Corp (Netherlands Antilles) with his father Ibrahim El-Hibri; founded three telecommunications companies: Mobile Telesystems, serving the Moscow region; Digitel and Digicel (owned by Denis O’Brien, CEO Colm Delves; Digicel has its largest customer base in Haiti)

El-Hibri is on the Board of Trustees of The International Biomedical Research Alliance, The [US] National Health Museum, The Heifetz International Music Institute, and The El-Hibri Charitable Foundation. He resides in Potomac Maryland with his wife Nancy Gruenwald El-Hibri.


 Zsolt Harsanyi – Director since Aug.2004; former investment banker with E.F. Hutton (Citigroup); Pres/CEO of Porton International (1983-2004), co-founder of Dynport Vaccine Co.(1996); CEO/founder of Exponential Biotherapies Inc; chairman of the American Hungarian Foundation, associated co-investor with George Soros’s biotech projects including N-Gene, maker of Type2 diabetes and anti-psychotic drugs    >> >>see page 10.

Harsanyi advises the US government on defense-related biotech and co-authored the book ”Genetic Prophecy: Beyond the Double Helix” with Richard Hutton, published in the UK in 1982   Duncan Mitchell reviews “Genetic Prophecy”, writing that the book divides the subject into three parts: the first, or ‘prophecy’, enunciates a view of medicine as “the practice of identifying predispositions to disease in certain people or classes of people. The second part..presents the methodology for identifying genetic markers..[for] making a firm diagnosis ahead of time..and..the prevention of genetic defects being transmitted in human reproduction. [T]he third part of this book..on behaviour [enters] the ethical field….ethical considerations arise as soon as one postulates a criminal chromosome”….”this is a disturbing book”.


 Jerome M. Hauer – Director since 2004; Hauer had a significant role in the events of September 11. He became  the first director of the New York City (Mayor Giuliani’s) Office of Emergency Management, a position created in 1996, 3 years after the first WTC bombing. During his tenure, Hauer organized the construction of the WTC7 Command post, begun in June of 1998, and directed the pesticide spraying for St. Louis encephalitis and/or West Nile Virus As a directing manager of Kroll (security), Hauer hired ‘Osama Bin Laden expert’ John O’Neill who started his new job on Sept.10 and died in the demolition on 9-11. Hauer is considered the nation’s leading expert on bioterrorism, and has himself contributed to work on bioweapons and is currently listed as a director of Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals in San Diego. [see blog article ‘Anti-Radiation Drugs’]

Jerome Hauer was in charge of the spraying for St. Louis encephalitis and West Nile Virus, 1998, 1999 and after:
“In 1957, the virus was blamed for the deaths of several elderly patients in Israel. In 1960, it was observed in horses in Egypt and France. In 1999,
Æ999, a strain said to be virtually identical to the Israeli strain was detected in New York City.”  September 9, 2002..”West Nile Virus found in CA”…”closely related to St. Louis encephalitis”…”In 1957 the virus was blamed for several deaths of elderly patients in Israel….AE999 virtually identical to the Israeli strain was detected in New York City…In 1999, in the New York area, the crow population crashed by about 90 percent in a few months”…”While its push westward had been expected, there have been no confirmed cases of humans contracting the disease west of the Rocky Mountains…Nationwide this year there have been 954 confirmed..cases, including 43 deaths”


 Ronald B. Richard – Director . CEO/Pres of The Cleveland Foundation…”Immediately prior to joining the foundation, Mr. Richard was chief operating officer and managing partner of In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital fund, and worked to ensure the prompt delivery of In-Q-Tel-bred technologies into the U.S. intelligence community.”


 Louis W. Sullivan – Lead Independent Director; Secretary of Health and Human Services under GHWBush


 Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr. director, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ; director of Intervac (corporate shareholder of Emergent BioSolutions); bio and business information on Crowe as a director of Israeli Technology Acquisition Corp.


Israeli Technology Acquisition Corporation  [subsidiary ITAC Acquisition Subsidiary Corporation], 2006 CEO/chairman Mr.Israel Frieder; Feb.2006 ITAC acquires IXI Mobile [corporate investors list at page 78 and after]

CEO Israel Frieder  – Mr. Israel Frieder has served as a director [of RIT Technologies] since January 2002. Mr. Frieder is the Co-Chairman of IXI Mobile Inc., and Chairman of A.A. Pearl Inv. and serves as director and provides management services at several companies. Mr. Frieder’s previous positions include serving as the Chairman and CEO of Israel Technology Acquisition Corp Inc., Chief Executive Officer of Kardan Communications Ltd., Corporate Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Planning of ECI Telecom, the President of ECI Telecom, Inc., and the President of Network Systems of Tadiran Telecommunication Ltd. While at Tadiran, Mr. Frieder served as a director of RRSAT Ltd. , Teledata Ltd., Tadiran Telecommunications Canada, Inc., ECI – Tadiran Synchronous System Limited Partnership, Tadiran Telecommunications Public Switching Ltd., Tadiran Telecom (Kunming) Co. Ltd. (Joint Venture), Tadiran Telecommunication UK Ltd., and TNN – Tadiran Newbridge Networks Ltd. Mr. Frieder also served as the President of Elisra Tadiran, Public Switching Ltd. and served as a director of Motorola Tadiran Cellular Ltd. (PelePhone). Mr. Frieder holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and an M.B.A. in Operational Research from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.” 

IXI Mobile personnel:
Amnon Schacher – former IDF Intelligence
Shai Farkash
Motti Gil
Avi Goldstein
Yael Zidsky
IXI has a subsidiary in Bucharest, Romania
Also on BioPort’s Board of Directors:

Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi – Director

Sue Bailey – Director

Robert Kramer, President, COO. Kramer “served as the director of the Michigan Biologic Products Institute until BioPort purchased it in 1998.

Dr. Robert Myers also spent 18 years in various roles at the Michigan Department of Public Health. He is also a member of the board of directors.”


Executive Staff

Fuad El-Hibri – CEO

Robert Kramer, President, COO.

Robert Myers – Executive Vice President, CSO



2003Antex,  and subsidiary AntexPharma

[Jan.01,2003] “Antex Biologics Inc. (Amex: ANX), Gaithersburg, Md., has been issued five new patents, increasing the company’s total patent portfolio to 116 issued patents. The company also has over 300 pending patent applications. Antex’s worldwide patent portfolio includes claims for composition of matter, methods of production and methods of use. The new patents expand the company’s worldwide protection of its proprietary technologies and products. Specific bacterial pathogens covered by the patents include: Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis, leading causes of pediatric respiratory diseases and the subject of licensing arrangements with Aventis Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline; and Helicobacter pylori, the leading cause of peptic ulcers and stomach cancers.” 

“On March 17, 2003, BioPort Corporation announced that it had executed a discretionary loan agreement and a non-binding letter of intent with Antex Biologics, Inc., with the intent of acquiring all assets of the Maryland based company…..On March 27, Antex filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. The purchase of Antex for $3.4 million was approved by Maryland’s bankruptcy court.”
Protein Sciences of Meriden Connecticut underwent a similar ‘loan agreement’ with Emergent BioSolutions : “Protein Sciences facing possible bankruptcy and liquidation has been awarded a $35 million federal [HHS] contract to develop a faster way to make vaccines for pandemic influenza. …  But only a day earlier, creditors filed a petition in federal bankruptcy court seeking to force Protein Sciences into bankruptcy and liquidation, saying they were owed $11.7 million. Almost all of that money is owed to Emergent BioSolutions, a vaccine company in Rockville, Md., that lent Protein Sciences $10 million last year in advance of the pending acquisition of virtually all the assets of Protein Sciences by Emergent. The acquisition deal fell apart, and Emergent sued Protein Sciences and its top executives, accusing them of fraud and breach of agreements. [Andrew Pollack, New York Times, Jun 23]

2005Microscience Ltd.

[Sept 2002] “BALTIMORE, Md.–DNA Bactofection, a novel technology for introducing genes into cells using live, attenuated invasive bacterial vectors, has been licensed to Microscience Ltd. by the University System of Maryland (USM)…Microscience, based in Berkshire, United Kingdom, will use its proprietary attenuated Salmonella serovar Typhi and serovar Typhimurium derivatives to deliver a range of DNA antigens … The inventors of DNA Bactofection are with UMBI’s Institute of Human Virology….Robert Gallo, director, UMBI’s Institute of Human Virology, comments, “Bactofection has the potential to get vaccines to people in developing areas of the world where they may have been unaffordable and unavailable”…

[June 29, 2005] ..”Microscience will be renamed Emergent Europe and will continue to operate from the existing site in Wokingham, UK. It will be run by Steve Chatfield, the founding chief scientific officer of Microscience who joined Emergent in January as senior vice president of R&D…..Microscience was founded in 1996. The venture capital backers Advent Venture Partners, Apax Partners, JPMorgan Partners and Merlin Biosciences put in £40 million up to the attempted IPO, including £25.5 million in the last round in February 2002. Since the IPO failed, they have rounded up a further £5 million to keep the company going.”


2006Vivacs  GmbH ,

– headline “Emergent BioSolutions Expands Presence in Germany”



Filed April 30, 2007 Stockholders meeting –stock info

Emergent BioSolutions Corporate owners:

Intervac LLC

BioPharm LLC

Michigan Biologic Products Inc

Biovac LLC – Israeli veterinary vaccine company, specializing in poultry

Intervac Management LLC



Below is additional information about other corporate activity of  BioPort’s directors.
Zivi Nedivi – VP and COO of Lumenis Inc.;Lumenis means “light of life” in Latin;  medical laser and radiofrequency technology,  funded by Veritas Venture Capital
“Lumenis is Israel’s largest medical device company with more than 1,000 employees worldwide…has over 250 patents…75 FDA clearances..[a] worldwide presence in over 100 countries, and an installed base of over 70,000 systems. In December 2006, a group led by a private equity consortium, Viola Partners and Ofer Hi-Tech Group, invested approximately $150 million in the Company”.
CEO – Dov Ofer
Senior VP – Lloyd Diamond
USA headquarters in Santa Clara, Ca.; 2cd location in Salt Lake City, Ut.
>>>Veritas Venture Capital is connected to activity surrounding 9-11>>> “Mr. Gill Zaphrir is a Partner at Veritas Venture Partners. He joined Veritas in 1999 and has been actively managing the funds of Veritas. Mr. Zaphrir has research and development and management experience in Israel’s air force and aerospace industry. Prior to joining Veritas in 1999, he headed the research and development department of the Israel Air Force. In 1987, Mr. Zaphrir served as System Engineer on the first Israeli satellite project, under the auspices of IAI-MBT.
Mr. Zaphrir is a Director of Bamboo Mediacasting Inc., and Guardium Inc. He was a Director of eShip-4u Inc. He was born and raised in Israel, served as a military navigator in the Israel Air Force and is a Colonel (reserve). Mr. Zaphrir holds a B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa and an M.B.A. from Bar-Ilan Business School in Israel.”

Zsolt Harsanyi;  DYNPORT – DynPort Vaccine Company founded 1996 by Dr. Zsolt Harsanyi ;

10/30/2002 – ”SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – October 30, 2002 – Hematech, LLC announced today that it will receive $3.3 million in government funding to develop a bovine system for producing human polyclonal antibodies against botulinum neurotoxins. Botulinum neurotoxins are the most poisonous natural biological substances known and pose a major bioweapons threat…. The contract was awarded to Hematech through DynPort Vaccine Company (DVC), a joint venture between DynCorp and Porton International, Inc.”
04-17-2003 “EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Computer Sciences Corporation announced today that DynPort Vaccine Company LLC, a joint venture between CSC and Porton International, a leading vaccine development company focused on biodefense vaccines, has completed Phase I testing of the safety and immunogenicity of an improved cell-cultured smallpox vaccine (CCSV)”.. 
09-04-2003 “EL SEGUNDO, Calif., September 4, 2003 – Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) announced today that DynPort Vaccine Company LLC (DVC), a joint venture between CSC and Porton International Inc., has been awarded an $11 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a component of the National Institutes of Health, for fast-track development of a heptavalent botulinum vaccine.”….”Since the fall of 2001, NIAID has greatly accelerated its biodefense research program, launching over 30 new research and construction initiatives. It has created a comprehensive strategic plan and a detailed research agenda for “Category A” agents of bioterrorism — those considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be the worst bioterror threats. These agents include smallpox, anthrax, the plague, botulism and the viral hemorrhagic fevers or “bleeding” fevers such as Ebola.”
Zsolt Harsanyi, founder of Exponential Biotherapies –

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