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Anthrax Revisited

On the seventh day after September 11, 2001, two letters filled with an unusual powder were mailed in central New Jersey, bound for the New York City offices of NBC, addressed to Tom Brokaw and an Editor at the New York Post. At that time, only the perpetrator(s) knew that the second wave of domestic horror […]

Editor’s Note and Comments

This blog is pursuing a theory to construct an alternate probabilty in the unsolved anthrax attacks of 2001. The working theme is that the First Victim, Bob Stevens of American Media Inc., was a carefully orchestrated murder as were the four deaths that followed.  Mr. Stevens’s death was the ‘wake up’ to officials that there was a […]


  {{WORKSHEET}}     TIMELINE … x.history/ Russian scientists first grew spores in secret labs in 1926. But anthrax didn’t become powerful until the 1950s, when experiments on rats produced stronger strains…. “Perhaps a million people worked in the anthrax program since 1926,” says Fyodorov. “Yes, some people went away to other countries … but (each […]

Anthrax 2001, a spaced odyssey

Introductory essay: Anthrax Story Features: “When, in 1934, Stalin had a Leningrad party boss killed–and then wept at the man’s funeral, railing at the enemies of Russia–a uniquely modern phenomenon, which I shall call state vendetta, was born.  State vendetta is somewhere between conventional warfare and mafia violence.  Where the narrow aim of […]