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“Lines of connection” relationships

Name pairs, coincidental or related

Biographical/business information for the following:

Thomas H. Lee

Ted Ammon – murdered Oct. 20, 2001

Joel S. Nadel

Michael D. Farkas – this person is a connecting ‘key’

‘Friends of Rahm Emanuel’


Lines of connection (anthrax-specific shown in italics) Disclaimer: certain entries, such as ‘Greenwich, Ct.’ and ‘Baltimore’  are largely symbolic and not repeated in each applicable instance of association, meant to suggest possibilities of social or business contacts but in no way cast aspersions on locals or limit the association of these places to only the entries cited. 

AMERICAN MEDIA :  Bob Stevens-Maureen Stevens-Mike Irish-Gloria Irish-Hijackers      

     …………….Maureen Stevens-Richard D. Schuler-“lone perpetrator-Ari Schuler(?)-Baltimore

     …………….Mike Irish-Sun tabloid-Lantana Airport-Kemper Aviation-Hijackers

…………………CEO, David PeckerDiamandisCBS-Hachete Filipacchi-MatraBAE defense contractors

      ……………David Pecker-Bronx, NY-Kathy Nguyen-organized crime-Boca Raton-Greenwich,CT

      ……………Greenwich,CT-Inverness/Kellstrom Aircraft-BioPort-anthrax vaccine 

     …………….David Pecker>Michael J. Berman>Galaxy Ventures>Hank Cohn> Atlas Capital>Michael D. Farkas

     …………….David Pecker>Victoria Gotti>New York Post>anthrax letter

     ………….Victoria Gotti>John Gotti>Gerald Shargel>Daniel Pelosi>Generosa and Ted Ammon (murder)

     …………….Ted Ammon>Big Flower Holdings>Chancery Lane Capital>Thomas H. Lee>Evercore Partners

Evercore Partners-Blackstone-BlackRock-USTreasuryanthrax threat letter

      ……………Pritzker Group-GalaxyAerospace-Israeli Aircraft Industries-IDF

      ……………Galaxy Aerospace-Astra Jet-Princeton, New Jerseymailbox-Rockefeller College

      ……………Alliance Airport,Fort Worth>Flight Safety Int’l>Hijackers

      ……………Dallas-Fort Worth Airport>SkyWay ‘repair’ service>Michael D. Farkas>”Cocaine One”DC-9       

      ……………Flight Safety-Warren Buffett-Jet Aviation-Gulfstream-General Dynamics>Zurich, Switz.>anthrax letter

      ……………General Dynamics-Falls Church,Va, San Diego-Titan Corp-Michael Farkas

      ………….. Falls Church,VA>Hijackers>2 anthrax victims>Brentwood>Baltimore

      ……………Hijackers-‘finnlist’-Baltimore-Agora Inc

James B. Lee– Chase Manhattan>David Pecker>Evercore>Thomas H. Lee Partners

      …………..Thomas H. Lee>(mother)Micki Schiff> Palm Beach> Boston/New York Fine Art

      ……………Micki Schiff Lee> Herbert Schiff> Friends of Hebrew U.> Ira Lee Sorkin

      ……………Ira Sorkin>Joel S. Nadel>Bernie Madoff>Fairfield,Ct>John S. Farkas-Ottilie Lundgren

       …………..JPMorgan/Chase>co-executor of Ted Ammon fortune

Thomas H. Lee Partners-Scott Sperling>Fisher Scientific International>Biotech/Pharmaceuticals>US defense

      ……………Scott Sperling>Warner Music Group>Edgar Bronfman>Salk Institute>San Diego/LaJolla

      ……………Warner Music>Rockefeller Plaza>NBC>Tom Brokaw>anthrax letters

      ……………Edgar Bronfman>Hillel Foundation>international students>Israeli art students

      ……………Salk Institute>Matthew Meselson>1979 Soviet Anthrax>Fisher Scientific>Moscow

      ……………Micki Lee>Fine Art>Picasso’s mistress>Jonas Salk>LaJolla biotech>SAIC>CIA

      ……………La Jolla biotech>Jerome Hauer>West Nile virus>Kroll Security>September 11

      ……………bioweapons-Fisher Scientific-Thermo Electron-Frank Jungers-ARAMCO

      ……………Frank Jungers>David Jungers(?)>Marcor Remediation>David Rustine>AMI

      ……………ThomasH.Lee>TRW>Carlyle Group>CIA>Miami>Cedars Medical Center>Ernie Blanco

      …………Cedars Medical> Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)>Senator Bill Frist>bioterror preparedness

      ……………Thomas H. Lee/Evercore>Big Flower Holdings/Vertis>Mark A. Angelson>Pilgrim Society>newsmedia

      ……………Big Flower Holdings> Ted Ammon>Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts Co.>Hospital Corp of America

      ……………KK&R>Henry Kravis>

       …………..Ted Ammon>Chancery Lane Partners>Apax Partners>BioPort>anthrax vaccine

      ……………Evercore Parnters>Fisher Scientific>Roger Altman>David Pecker>’Friends of Rahm Emanuel’

David Rustine —  Marcor>Bio-One>Rudy Giuliani>Sabre Services>David Jungers

       …………..Crown Companies>South Florida real estate>Blackstone Real Estate

ORGANIZED CRIME-Gene Pope-Frank Costello-National Enquirer-Star-Rupert Murdoch-tabloids-NY Post

     …………Victoria Gotti>NYPost> STAR>David Pecker>AMI

      ……………Gene Pope-CIA-South Florida aviation-DEA-hijackers-foreign students

     So. Florida Aviation – hijackers-Huffman Aviation-Makram Chams-Titan Corp-Michael D. Farkas

      ……………Huffman-Wally Hilliard-Rudi Dekkers-Arthur G. Nadel-securities fraud-Joel S. Nadel-Agora Inc

      ……………Hilliard-heroin-cocaine-Ecstasy-Israeli organized crime-DEA-Thomas Constantine

      ……………Ecstasy-Escondido, CA-San Diego-hijackers-Pentagon-Falls Church,VA hijackers

      ……………San Diego>FBI>Koutchesfahani>Rancho Sante Fe “Heaven’s Gate” mass suicide (1997)

      ……………hijackers-Jones Aviation-Kemper Aviation-Lantana-Joe Kemper-Jeff Roselle (deceased)                   

      ……………Lantana Airport-non-based operations- Turks and Caicos Islands-offshore securities

      ……………Lantana-pilot Paul Hershorin>Hershorin?/Schiff/Lee families>Thomas H. Lee>AMI

……..Kellstrom Aircraft-IDF Intelligence-BioPort-anthrax vaccine-Gen.William Lyon-Adm. William J. Crowe

      ……………IDF>Israel Acquistion Technology Corp (ITAC)>Bogen Communications>Michael Fleischer

      ……………Bogen Comm.>(co-chair) Jeffrey Schwartz>George Soros (assuming J. Schwartz is Soros nephew)

      ……………Adm.Crowe>General Dynamics>CSIS>Ambassador to UK>Thomas Constantine>Porton International


to be continued…


Are these all coincidences of names?

John S. Farkas – held ‘spore’ letter in Oxford,CT. 
Michael D. Farkas – SkyWay, Titan Corp (L-3)
Arthur G. Nadel – purchased “Huffman” flight school
Joel S. Nadel – investor ‘newsletter’ frauds, Agora Inc. connection 
Alex Constantine – author of ‘Project Anthrax’
Thomas Constantine – DEA director through 1999
James B. Lee – JPMorgan/Chase, arranged the Purchase of AMI
Thomas H. Lee – Financed purchase of AMI, shareholder
Judith Miller – received a hoax letter
Tim Miller – officer of Marcor remediation
David A. Jungers – officer of Marcor remediation
Frank Jungers – ‘Friend’ of Agora Inc., Director of Thermo Electron (acquired Fisher Scientific: Thermo Fisher)
Michael B. Kahane – AMI General Counsel
Meir Kahane -New York rabbi, founder of the Jewish Defense League, Israeli Knesset member; assassinated in NYC in 1990 by a ‘lone gunman’ Egyptian-American –suggestive that this event was related to the WTC bombing of 1993
Ari Schuler –  Center for Biosecurity (UPittsburgh) in Baltimore
Richard D. Schuler – Maureen Stevens’ lawyer
Marijn Dekkers – CEO Thermo Fisher


Thomas H. Lee Partners
–recapitalized the defense contractor TRW in 1996, in partnership with Bain Capital, founded by Mitt Romney. TRW acquired BDM International (parent of Vinnell Corp.) in 1997 [see  the September 11 page]
    The Credit/information business was spun-off as Experian; parent TRW was later acquired by Northrup Grummon, Dec 2002; TRW automotive was sold to The Blackstone Group; TRW Aerospace (Lucas Aerospace) was sold to Goodrich Corp ;
–recapitalized Fisher Scientific in 1998
–T.H.Lee Partners sank $507 million into the failure-fraud of Refco: ; CEO Phillip Bennett sentenced to 16 years, lawyer Collins sentenced to 7 years
 Thomas Haskell Lee: 1965 graduate of Harvard; began in the Wall Street firm of L.F. Rothschild; First National Bank of Boston
–parents, Herbert C. and (Mildred Schiff) Micki Lee were long-time residents of Palm Beach
Tom Lee’s maternal uncle, Herbert H. Schiff, was a Board governor of Friends of Hebrew University, along with lawyer Ira Lee Sorkin.
Tom’s sibling and cousins are also Palm Beach/Sarasota area residents. Herbert Schiff’s daughter Patricia Hershorin, may be related to this man: Paul Hershorin, flight instructor for Embry-Riddle University, leading a student program based at Lantana airport.
Scott M. Sperling – Co-President of Thomas H. Lee Partners
“director of Fisher Scientific from January 1998 to November 2006. He has been employed by Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P., a leveraged buyout firm, and its predecessor, Thomas H. Lee Company, since 1994. Mr. Sperling currently serves as Co-President of Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. Mr. Sperling is also a director of Warner Music Group Corp. and CC Media Holdings, Inc., and within the last five years was a director of Wyndham International, Inc., Houghton Mifflin Company, Univision Communications Inc., and Vertis, Inc.” “Mr. Sperling’s current and prior directorships include Clear Channel Communications, Hawkeye Holdings, Thermo Fisher Corp., Univision Communications, Inc., Warner Music Group, Experian Information Solutions, Fisher Scientific, Front Line Management Companies, Inc., Houghton Mifflin Co., The Learning Company, LiveWire, LLC, PriCellular Corp., ProcureNet, ProSiebenSat.1, Tibbar, LLC, Wyndham Hotels and several other private companies.”

Co-president of T.H.Lee, Scott M. Sperling

Co-president of T.H.Lee, Anthony J. DiNovi

Vice-Chair, Scott A. Schoen

Co-Vice-Chair, David V. Harkins

…”When the United States entered WWI, Chester Fisher made his company the first home of the US Chemical Warfare Service… It supplied chemicals used in Manhattan Project…
 …In early 1997 Fisher received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Trade and Development Agency as partial funding to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a $10 million state-of-the-art laboratory in Moscow. The laboratory, the first of its kind in Russia, was to test and certify pharmaceuticals for the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, which is similar to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration…
The acquisition of the organic-chemicals business of Eastman Kodak Company and of Belgium-based, industry-leader Janssen Chimica allowed Fisher to add a strong new component to its international chemical operations…
The acquisition of Kühn + Bayer–a leading German provider of scientific equipment and supplies to more than 4,000 customers from Central Europe to Moscow–represented Fisher’s first equity investment in Europe…
…two Fisher subsidiaries were combined to form Fisher Scientific of the Netherlands B.V., and in the United Kingdom, two other Fisher subsidiaries were consolidated as Fisher Scientific UK, the largest Fisher subsidiary in Europe. Other acquisitions included Singapore-based Fisher General Scientific Pte Ltd and Malaysia-based Fisher Scientific Holdings (M), which exported to China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and other Asian markets.
The company’s distribution network comprised 32 locations in the United States, including a national distribution center in Somerville, New Jersey…
In January 1998, Fisher Management and an investor group led by Thomas H. Lee Company completed a $1.4 billion recapitalization of Fisher Scientific.”
–Fisher opened an Asheville, NC manufacturing plant (c.1999), at least one city Bob Stevens visited in the days before his death
June 30, 1999  – “Big Flower Holdings Inc., the largest printer of advertising inserts in the United States, said yesterday that it had agreed to a $1.9 billion cash and stock buyout by two investment firms: the Thomas H. Lee Company of Boston and Evercore Capital Partners L.L.C., which is headed by Roger C. Altman, the former Deputy Treasury Secretary…Big Flower’s founder and chairman, Theodore Ammon, together with other executives, will retain holdings in the company and continue to run it.”

“Vertis  Inc.- The company provides integrated advertising and marketing solutions for its clients. Its three subsidiaries are LTC Group, TC Advertising and Webcraft which have consolidated to form Vertis Inc. Founded in 1994, the company went public in 1995. In December 1999 the company was taken private by Thomas H. Lee and Evercore Partners.”

…”From 1996 until 2001, Mr. [Mark Alan] Angelson served in various capacities, including as Executive Deputy Chairman, at Big Flower Holdings (NYSE: BGF), a printing and advertising services holding company, and its successor, Vertis Holdings, Inc. At Big Flower, he was involved in approximately 30 printing industry acquisitions and related financings, and the $2 billion leveraged recapitalization and sale of control of the company to Thomas H. Lee Fund IV and Evercore Capital Partners.” –Mark Angelson moved on as CEO of MidOcean Partners, recently appointing ex-Gov. George Pataki to its executive board

Ted Ammon

“Slain New York Financier Ted Ammon Leaves Behind a Trail of Bitter Lawsuits” – “..failed to show for a business meeting Oct. 22 [2001]…his worried business partner Mark Angelson took a helicopter out to the Hamptoms…he found his friend’s lifeless body in bed. Ammon had been beaten to death…[Ammon’s] Oct. 29 memorial service…included such luminaries as [Wynton] Marsalis and former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman…,,20135757,00.html

Dec.12, 2000 “Moore has agreed to appoint Theodore Ammon and Alfred C. Eckert III, Chairman and CEO of GSC
Partners and a former partner of Goldman, Sachs & Co., to the board of directors of Moore.”
Ted Ammon left Kohlberg,Kravis&Roberts to found Chancery Lane Capital, which partnered with Greenwich Street Capital to acquire holdings of Moore Corp. Is “Greenwich Street” a reference to the World Trade Center?  
“On Oct. 22, 2001, the handsome, athletic Ammon was found naked and bludgeoned to death in his $10 million ivy-covered East Hampton manse. Among the 1,000 or so mourners at his funeral were such powerful Wall Streeters as KKR Chairman Henry R. Kravis; Apollo Management’s Leon Black; investor and former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman; and Quadrangle Group head Steve Rattner.”
Ammon was killed on Oct 20, coincidentally the same day postal worker Leroy Richmond was confirmed with anthrax, and a day before Thomas Morris and Joseph Curseen of Brentwood died. Ted Ammon’s murderer was judged to be Daniel Pelosi, the boyfriend of his wife, Generosa Rand Ammon, who died herself of cancer in 2003. Ted was described as going through a “metamorphosis” in the months before his death, primarily manifesting as altruistic activity.

Thirdring>> Big Flower/Vertis  is the world’s largest provider of ‘junk mail’. They pay the Postal Service to stuff it into mailboxes. In 2003, Ammon’s former associates grouped for a joint purchase of the National Aluminate Corporation, “Nalco” [buyers Blackstone, Apollo Mgt.L.P. and Goldman Sachs], makers of the toxic oil dispersant COREXIT used in the April 2010 ongoing BP Gulf disaster.

For more about Ted Ammon see the page Junk Mail & Murder

Joel S. Nadel
known business associations: (see the list …”in the past year, this expensive enclave has experienced the financial equivalent of a cancer cluster. Six local corporations, including College Bound, have fallen under SEC investigation; a seventh has been shut down and its chairman arrested and accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Dozens of other companies based here are little more than corporate shells created by boiler-room brokers, or financially flimsy companies whose chief products seem to be their own stock and news releases boasting of their prospects.
   Regulators policing the penny stock market refer to the area’s unsavory brokers as the Boca Bunch, and state investigators have dubbed the area “the Maggot Mile”. To be sure, some internationally known companies are based here. W.R.Grace moved its headquarters here last year [1991]”…
…According to court records in Miami, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which has since emerged as one of the largest bank frauds in history, opened a branch here just to cater to Munther Ismael Bilbeisi, a Jordanian businessman and Boca Raton resident indicted in August 1991 on tax evasion charges stemming from a coffee-smuggling scheme financed by BCCI…
…Florida’s laws permit bankrupt ex-millionaires to protect a handsome amount of assets from creditors…
…[in] the view of Mr. Del Raso “Boca is different” he said. “If you have money here, you can be ‘in’ real fast, no questions asked”…
…Thomas R. Mullens “criminal history includes a 1976 conviction for mail fraud…1983 conviction for customs fraud…Lenny Tucker, in his heyday, headed the Boca Raton operation of F.D.Roberts & Company, a penny stock brokerage that promoted a host of other dubious companies, including Goldcor, a phoney enterprise that boasted of being able to extract gold from Costa Rican beach sand. Investors..lost at least $50 million when Goldcor collapsed in 1988. F.D.Roberts shut its door in 1989…The firm’s headquarters was in Paramus, New Jersey, but most of its brokers were in Boca Raton…
   A local legend in Boca is Joel S. Nadel, whose troubles with security regulators date back more than 20 years. [Nadel is] best known among regulators as the publisher of more than a dozen market newsletters, including one that claimed to be the product of a secret investing society in Liechtenstein. Investors who followed his newsletters’ tips frequently found themselves holding worthless shares.
 …The [SEC] had charged that [Nadel] violated securities laws by failing to tell his newsletter subscribers that several penny-stock promoters, since convicted of fraud, had paid him to tout their dubious companies. One of the stocks..was Goldcor…Its investment newsletters attracted complaints from the Securities and Exchange Commission. His direct-mail ‘sweepstakes’ was investigated by the Postal Service. What’s next for Joel S. Nadel…in Boca Raton?
   …the roster of Boca-based companies includes Quantum Ventures Group, a Nasdaq-listed corporation…Mr. Nadel is chairman of Quantum’s three-man board.
…the address is the law office of a Quantum director, Jeffrey G. Klein
…Jerold P. Weinger, the third Quantum director and its president, later called to explain that the company “splits its time” between the Boca Raton office and one on Park Avenue in New York.”
[Ira L. Sorkin, “the New York lawyer representing Mr. Nadel”, , prosecutor for the SEC, NY regional; with Dickstein Shapiro; 2009 lawyer for Bernie Madoff]  ..”In 1987, Jerold Weinger was the CEO of a Wall Street brokerage firm crushed under an avalanche of coke….brokers at Brooks,Weinger, Robbins & Leeds regularly traded stock tips for cocaine…a broker gave cocaine to a principal of another company in exchange for $10,000 worth of stock…
Weinger..was not arrested”  “The Federal arrests yesterday followed a three-year undercover operation that traced cocaine from members of organized crime in Brooklyn to the offices of Wall Street’s top brokers…Rudolph W. Giuliani, the United States Attorney in Manhattan, whose office will be prosecuting the cases, said he regarded the arrests as significant because of the mixture of drug and securities violations involved”…,9171,964203,00.html  ..”The bust’s fitting code name: Operation Closing Bell….A DEA affadavit cites one instance in which a Brooks employee sent a customer a free sample of heroin” …after 9/11, DEA “reallocated resources to meet changing needs”   –the FBI pulled hundreds off narcotics and reassigned them to counterterrorism.  ..”The most interesting part of this little history is that the Royal Society of Liechtenstein was sold off, changing its name to the Oxford Club, which has since been a part of Agora Inc”  ..”Richard Brown, 52, was found dead early in the morning in his Pelican Bay home…
Brown, the former president of Goldcor and accused stock swindling mastermind, was due in federal court on the upcoming Tuesday to face charges he knowingly scammed investors out of millions”…
>>>Goldcor was formerly  Tarsand Petroleum Inc. and Richard Brown became its president in 1985 when the name changed. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Brown was a founder and trustee of the evangelical International Christian Life Ministries, and Christians were telling other Christians and Mormons to invest in Goldcor: “Gene Hawkins, the husband of former Sen. Paula Hawkins, is a central Florida Mormon who bought Goldcor stock”
James Dale Davidson wrote in Strategic Investment Newsletter [Agora Inc] 7/4/95 ; “If I were operating some sort of mafia in the United States, I would be only too delighted to have the leading voices of the news media insist to the public that many of my crimes could never have happened. It might even be worth hiring some goofballs to spread preposterous theories about nonexistent conspiracies in order to discredit persons who might stumble upon evidence of the real thing”
Philip L.  Nadel (to be posted)
Michael D. Farkas
known businesses associations:
The Farkas Group (founder/owner), 1221 Brickell, Suite 900, Miami FL
Atlas Equity Group Inc., 420 E. 54th St., NYC
Atlas Capital
SkyWay Communications
Titan Corp (bought by L-3) (with his wife Rebecca J. Brock)
Holiday RV Stores
Imperial Credit Industries
Security Intelligence Technologies Inc.
“Tens of thousands of investors are believed to have more than two dozen unlicensed schemes…told their money would be used for foreign currency trading…
However, much of it appears to have been misappropriated by insiders…Much of the illegal activity has occurred in, or targeted, Jamaica while the Turks and Caicos Islands and Grenada have also seen plenty of action, as has Florida in the United States. The unlicensed schemes are mainly promoted via investment clubs, word-of-mouth and websites”..
“Plaintiffs claim to have invested $7.4 million in Skyway Communications between Sept. 2003 and August 2004….SkyWay was a Florida corporation purportedly engaging in the business of developing and marketing high-end, broadband wireless communications technology to the airline industry…However, unbeknownst to the Investor Plaintiffs and the public-at-large, neither SkyWay noe any of its affiliated companies actually ever owned the referenced technology or the capability to develop same. In fact, SkyWay was formed and utilized by certain of its officers and directors…for the purpose of facilitating a classic “pump and dump” stock scheme….SkyWay has now been liquidated in a federal bankruptcy proceeding filed in Tampa.
   In the complaint, Red Sea Management, Ltd is describes as a ‘secretive company’ registered in Costa Rica, Delaware, and the United Kingdom..with ‘an office in Boca Raton..and phones in Florida, as well as agents in this state, being Red Sea Management Incorporated, a Florida corporation, Arnold S. Goldstein, and defendent Jonathan Curshen..who regularly and systematically conducts business in Florida through a web of business entities…
Red Sea and Curshen were, inter alia, ‘tied to the notorious securities fraud matter of Eagletech Communications Plantation..and have been involved with several US-listed public companies, including SLS International Inc, GeneThera Inc, and Freedom Golf Corporation”  
……Red Sea Management, Ltd..Default judgement entered against Red Sea Management in civil fraud action resulting from a scheme ‘orchestrated by [Michael D.] Farkas, Baker, Curshen, and Red Sea Management…
Red Sea Management, Costa Rica
“In April,2006 it was revealed that a plane owned by Skyway Communications of Lakeland,Florida and Royal Sons holding company using Huffman Aviation(where Mohamed Atta trained before 9/11),as its address and paradoxically rented by the Howard Dean’s Democrat presidential campaign of 2004 had been busted by the Mexican army at the Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche airport on the Yucatan Peninsula with over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.
Now yet another plane,(a Gulfstream II),that crashed in the Yucatan on Sept 24th this year with 4 tons of cocaine on board has connections to the Skyway Communications DC-9,(confiscated by the Mexican army and now used by the Mexican Attorney General’s office),as well as to Guantanamo ‘rendition’ flights that may have taken place from or through Europe.Skyway Communications,a penny stock ‘pump and dump’ is,according to Daniel Hopsicker of madcowprod and SEC filings,connected to Titan Corporation(torturors at Abu Ghraibe,etc.),a subsidiary of Level-3 Corporation of San Diego,California that has done very well for itself financially in the ‘war on terror’. Titan in San Diego strangely enough has been employer to a mysterious Lebanese-American,Makram Chams, who owned a Kwik Check cashing business in Venice,Florida that cashed a $70,000 check for Mr. Atta that was sent from Dubai,(now the official home of Halliburton),shortly before 9/11.
American-Israeli attorney Michael Farkas, founder of Skyway Communications,has both U.S. intelligence connections as well as far right Israeli connections including to Israel’s largest defense or military corporation. He supports Israeli West Bank settlements or occupation of Palestinian land as well.
Company executives include the Kovars,Glenn and Brent,father and son.”

“SkyWay Aircraft was not a real entity”  …Since the MadCowMorningNews was successful last month in obtaining the FAA registration records for “Cocaine One,” the accumulating evidence has all pointed to a clear conclusion: the DC9 carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine was a CIA plane which belongs to the Agency’s no-longer-totally-secret airline… Along with GenesisIntermedia, the stock of two other companies was used to generate fraudulent loans in the Stockwalk scam. One was a company called Holiday RV. Stores. The other was Imperial Credit Industries.  Michael Farkas is involved with both firms.  Holiday R.V. Stores was owned and controlled by Michael Farkas, through a holding company he founded called Atlas Recreational Holdings.  Michael Farkas and Adnan Khashoggi were partners in a $300 million scam. It was called “the largest brokerage industry failure in more than 30 years.” …Michael Farkas, is also on the board of Genesis Realty, founded by Ramy El-Batrawi, a man who is clearly no piker when it comes to pilfering money from a public company…His GenesisIntermedia exploits put Glenn and Brent Kovar’s $40 million theft at SkyWay in the shade…   …Before leaving the ties between Michael Farkas and Ramy El-Batrawi and Adnan Khashoggi, we discovered a story from the St Paul Pioneer Press (where the fraud bankrupted one of that city’s biggest firms) that may help explain our contention that what we are witnessing is the daily workaday transactions of a very large but still-invisible organization: “SEC filings show ties among Imperial, Holiday and Genesis,” reported the Saint Paul Pioneer Press on April 22 2002.

… Michael Farkas’ connections to right wing Israeli political parties, and to Israeli Mossad,  have already been ably covered by others. Farkas was listed in 2005 as president of Manhigut USA. This is the US branch of the Israeli Manhigut Yehudit, involved in fundraising  for the radical settlers who were trying to resist the Gaza withdrawal…he is also the American sales agent for anti-missile technology developed by Israel Aircraft Industries, and is a Director of spy technology company CCS”…”


Michael D. Farkas (Titan Corp/Skyway) connects to David J. Pecker (American Media Inc) and possibly the Pritzker family, through his company Atlas Capital, who employed Mr. Hank Cohn:  Galaxy Ventures–Hank Cohn, “Mr. executive VP at Galaxy Ventures, LLC. Galaxy is a closely held family fund with a multi-pronged investment strategy concentrating in two areas, bond trading and early stage technology investments. Prior to joining Galaxy Ventures full time in 2003, Hank worked at Atlas Capital, an investment banking boutique in New york. At Atlas, Mr. Cohn, in the capacity of Vice President, worked on sourcing and structuring PIPE..for Atlas’s proprietary fund and a few selected clients including Galaxy Ventures. From 1999 until joining Atlas Capital in 2001, Mr. Cohn worked as an analyst at The Middleton Stamford, CT” >>>

>>>”On April 27, 2010 the Board of Directors of Car Charging Group, Inc. (the “Company”) elected Michael D. Farkas as a member of the Board of Directors and appointed him as Chief Executive Officer. Michael D. Farkas, 38, Mr. Farkas is the founder and manager of The Farkas Group, a privately held investment firm. Mr. Farkas also currently holds the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlas Group, where its subsidiary, Atlas Capital Services, a broker-dealer, has successfully raised more than $200 million for a number of public clients until it withdrew its FINRA registration in 2007. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Farkas has established a successful track record as a principal investor across a variety of industries, including telecommunications, technology, aerospace and defense, and automotive retail.”

Galaxy Ventures also later employed Michael J. Berman as its president. Berman co-founded GEORGE magazine with JFK Jr. which was financed and overseen by Hachette Filipacchi and David Pecker. Berman and JFK Jr. famously fought in their GEORGE offices at Hachette’s NY headquarters – Berman quit his GEORGE stock and dissolved his partnership with Kennedy and subsequently got a promotion from Pecker to head up the newly created Hachette Filipacchi Media division.



Friends of Rahm Emanuel

Individual contributors: (multiple listings are omitted; colleagues generally omitted)

Roger C. Altman [Evercore Partners]

Mark A. Angelson [plus family; Pilgrim Society; CEO RRDonnelley; Chairman MidOcean Partners],+2008

Edgar Bronfman

Frank Cohen [Blackstone Real Estate]

Steven A. Crown [plus family]

(David Pecker)

Michael P. Dugan Sr. [Blackstone]

Michael D. Eisner [Disney]

Ari Emanuel [Endeavor Agency]

Gil H. Ha [Evercore Partners]

Kenneth J. Hessler [Fisher Scientific Int’l]

Eric Holder [U.S. Atty. Gen]

Kevin C. Hyson [Hachette Filipacchi, AMI]

J. Michael Brown [Fisher Scientific]

James W. Jacobs [Executive Jet]

James R. Donnelley [RRDonnelley]

David A. Koi [Fisher Scientific]

Alan J. Malus [Fisher Scientific]

Eduardo G. Mestre [Evercore Partners]

Paul Montrone [Fisher Scientific] 

David Pecker/Karen Pecker [AMI]

Michael J. Price [Evercore Partners] and Amdocs –see the September 11 page

Penny S. Pritzker

Steven Rattner  [Quadrangle] Judith Miller’s boyfriend; On February 23, 2009, the Wall Street Journal announced that Rattner would be named to the Treasury Department as auto industry adviser. The New York Times reported that he would be lead advisor and leader of the industry group for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Thomas H. Lee (got a refund)

William Davis III [RRDonnelley]

Our Common Values Pac is Rahm Emanuel’s PAC [Political Action Committee].

Rahm Emanuel’s doctor brother, Ezekiel Emanuel, is a major player in Mr. Obama’s new healthcare plans”

Ari Emanuel is a partner of Endeavor Agency (Hollywood)

“A story in this yesterday’s Congressional Quarterly talks about how three Democratic leaders, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel gave a boatload of money to..incumbents and challengers….Emanuel was particularly active. The former Democratic Campaign Committee chairman’s Our Common Values PAC gave $107,000 to 31 congressional candidates since Nov.22..”


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