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Webster Tarpley, conspiracy author, wrote:  “..The anthrax letters provided a reason to re-assign FBI agents to the new danger, before they got anywhere near unearthing the explosive secrets of 9/11. On October 10, FBI assets were shifted away from the 9/11 investigation with the explanation that they were needed for the anthrax emergency.”.. http://www.american-buddha.com/911.syntheticterrormade12

The DEA’s website indicates that an equivalent (100+) DEA agents were reassigned to counterterrorism duty, pulled off narcotics investigations during the protracted period following 9-11. In the jurisdictional game of musical chairs, which put agents on unfamiliar cases,  it looks like narcotics smugglers got free out…



October 28, 2001…”While the CDC had access to samples from the Florida and NBC anthrax cases, the FBI immediately took custody of all anthrax samples found in the Senate majority leader’s office, sources told Newsday, blocking access to anyone but the U.S. Army Military Research Institute on Infectious Diseases, or USAMRIID, in Fort Detrick, Md….FBI officials would not comment, but health officials said they were told that all details regarding the strain were matters of a criminal investigation, and thus could not be shared.” http://www.anthraxinvestigation.com/misc2.html

Nov 16, 2001 – [the Leahy letter was found] “The letters being held [in quarantine] at the facility in Virginia had not been decontaminated on FBI orders, who wanted to keep the letters in their original state so they could be used as evidence in a court case.” http://archives.cnn.com/2001/US/11/16/inv.FBI.letter/  

Aug 15, 2002 – [Express Times] “U.S. Rep. Rush Holt on Wednesday demanded that the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation explain what Holt describes as foot-dragging in the investigation of anthrax mailings that originated in the Princeton area last fall…  It now appears that it has taken the FBI nearly a year to test all of these mailboxes (around the Hamilton facility) for anthrax,” Holt wrote. “One does not need to be a trained criminologist to know that identifying where the tainted envelopes entered the mail stream should be a primary goal of the FBI investigation.”… “Failure to test all mailboxes and other paths certainly hurts a criminal investigation and it also fails to close the possibilities that there are still infectious quantities of anthrax in the system,” Holt continued. “I have some doubt whether the FBI has even now tested all the mailboxes feeding Hamilton for anthrax.” …Holt in his missive asked that Mueller provide a chronology explaining when the mailboxes feeding the Hamilton postal facility were tested. ” http://www.anthraxinvestigation.com/misc3.html

Oct 9, 2002 “Despite the combined resources of the FBI and the Postal Inspection Service, the investigation has been widely criticized for unaccountable delays and questionable investigative methods.
In November [2001], investigators knocked down the door of a house in Chester, Pa., shared by the city’s health commissioner and director of lead-poisoning prevention, and conducted a 13-hour search in biohazard gear. The two officials, Drs. Irshad and Masood Shaikh, and city accountant Asif Kazi, all Pakistani natives, were questioned at length by FBI agents. Nothing more has happened, but an FBI spokeswoman says the investigation of the Shaikh brothers and Kazi ‘is still ongoing.’
   [Steven M.] Block says. “They look more like Keystone Kops with every tick of the clock.”…inexplicably, agents took months to speak with any of the two dozen living U.S. scientists who made anthrax in the nation’s old biological weapons program, and some have not been interviewed to this day.
…There may be a reasonable explanation for the delays, but the FBI is not offering one. Chris Murray, spokesman for the bureau’s Washington field office, which is leading the investigation, declined to comment on any of the criticisms. His boss, FBI Assistant Director Van Harp, did not return telephone calls.” http://www.baltimoresun.com/bal-te.anthrax09oct09001612,0,5885345.story



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