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Galaxy Aerospace  was a joint venture of Pritzker Group and Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) that bought the Princeton, New Jersey company Astra SPX in 1994(?)  “By 1997 Galaxy Aerospace officially emerged to ‘produce, market and support a line of advanced technology business aircraft’ built by IAI. Later that same year, Galaxy Aerospace moved from Princeton, New Jersey, to Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

..By 2000, Galaxy Aerospace had grown from 35 people to more than 400… Annual sales had grown from less than $100 million in 1996 to $500 million in 2000.
….In April [2001].., Gulfstream Aerospace parent company General Dynamics announced it would purchase Galaxy Aerospace for $330 million cash”…Galaxy is headquartered at Ross Perot’s Alliance Airport outside Fort Worth. Russ Baker wrote in Family of Secrets, “Chicago financier Henry Crown..was the principal shareholder in General Dynamics, then [1963] the nation’s largest defense contractor and a major employer in the Fort Worth area… At the time of the [JFK] assassination, Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth was under investigation for corruption in the awarding of a seven-billion-dollar contract for a fighter jet, the TFX, to General Dynamics’ Fort Worth facility” [Korth replaced John Connally prior to Connally’s run for Texas governor. Both men were friends of LBJ].


Galaxy relocated to Fort Worth after hiring Deloitte & Touche to process offers from 60 cities: . Industry professionals were surprised by the choice of Alliance Airport (Ross Perot Jr.turf) because of its main function as a cargo airport, however, concurrent with Galaxy’s relocation, Alliance saw an increase in passenger traffic due to the opening of the new Texas Motor Speedway. Nascar racing teams from Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina brought in 100 additional daily flights.

Alliance Airport Services, owner Ross Perot Jr.

“Galaxy announced this week it will build a $12 million aircraft completion and service Alliance….But Galaxy’s choice of Alliance came as a surprise to many..since [CEO/Pres. Brian] Barents has said for months that Dallas Love Field was his first choice….Love was considered a perfect showcase for Galaxy to reach wealthy buyers and promote its corporate jets. Alliance, in contrast, is largely a cargo airport with little appeal to the corporate aircraft crowd.  But..Alliance and Fort Worth stepped up to the plate with an agressive incentive package that insiders say includes tax abatements, job training, financing, relocation money and construction of hangars and office space.”

“Company to build flight simulator for Galaxy”  “The world’s largest supplier of aircraft training simulators has agreed to design, build and operate a simulator..for..Galaxy Aerospace Corp. Flight Safety International, based at La Guardia Airport in New York, has 38 locations worldwide, in addition to serving the U.S. military. The privately held company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway….The simulator will arrive in September or October of 1999″…

..”Flight Safety International, the pilot school where some of the Sept.11 hijackers were thought to have trained”..

Irving, Texas (Dallas County – Dallas metro area), home of Texas Stadium (Cowboys) was also a nest of Israeli art students. Wikipedia notes that the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is inside the city limits of Irving. SkyWay Aircraft maintained a repair facility at D-FW Internat’l even though, as the Mad Cow Morning News reported, SkyWay had “nothing to repair”. (see the pages ‘South Florida Aviation’ and ‘Dots Connect…’ and the activity of Michael D. Farkas)   “Warren Buffett’s Executive Jet Inc. is considering buying 50 long-range Galaxy business jets…a $1.8 billion deal….Executive Jet Senior Vice President Kevin Russell confirmed that Buffett’s New Jersey-based firm will announce new orders next year.
…Galaxy Aerospace is interested in pursuing the so-called fractional jet ownership market, which is dominated by Executive Jet. Four-year-old Galaxy Aerospace is the latest aircraft manufacturer to eye the lucrative fractional market, which sells customers as little as one-eighth of a jet in a sort of time-share arrangement with other buyers. Executive Jet’s founder, Richard Santulli, developed the fractional jet ownership concept in 1986. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought Executive Jet in 1998.
…fractional logging astronomical growth and in 2000, will record a 35% to 45% increase in sales over 1999, according to John Zimmerman, president of Aviation Data Service Inc, of Wichita, Kansas.
…[Galaxy] is currently manufacturing at a rate of 24 Galaxies annually plus 12 of its smaller, transcontinental Astra SPX business jets.”
NetJets –   ..”NetJets Inc. formerly Executive Jet Aviation, was founded in 1964 as one of the first private business jet charter and aircraft management companies…Executive Jet Aviation Corporation was purchased in 1984 by former Goldman Sachs executive Richard Santulli…. In 1998, after being a NetJets customer for three years, Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of the Berkshire Hathaway company, acquired NetJets Inc.”…
After Gulfstream’s acquisition of Galaxy, business for IAI increased:
“IAI completes most of the structural work on the aircraft in-house, although the aft fuselage for the G200 is produced by Romania’s RomAero and Denel of South Africa makes the G150’s empennage. Aircraft are flown green to Gulfstream’s outfitting centre at Dallas Love Field in Texas.”
Investigator Christopher Bollyn:
“Israel Aircraft Industries was established in 1953 as Bedek Aviation Company, five years after the establishment of the State of Israel. Today, Bedek is the senior group of Israel Aerospace Industries and specializes in aircraft operation, conversion, maintenance, and overhaul.  In 1975, when [Shalom] Yoran “left” Bedek and IAI at the unusually young retirement age of fifty, the corporation had 22,000 employees, of which 4,000 worked in the Bedek Division. In reality, Yoran didn’t leave Bedek and IAI at all; he was sent by the Israeli military to the United States to manage one of their most important operations – ATASCO.

ATASCO USA was, of course, created and owned by the Israeli military and connected to the Mossad, but this information is not easily found.  There has only been one article that I have found that mentions what ATASCO has been doing for the past 36 years in the United States, since it was first created by the Israeli Defense Ministry in 1971.  That article, entitled “Ugandan Plane Deal Believed Key to Israeli Spy Operation,” was published in the Washington Post of September 11, 1978…

Eisenberg was, as the Washington Post reported in 1978, the central figure in the Mossad spying operation on Libya:

The chief Eisenberg firm in these deals was Aircraft Trading and Services Inc., or Atasco. Headquartered in Asia House, Eisenberg’s luxury building in Tel Aviv, Atasco also has branches in the “Eisenberg Building” in New York and in London.

Atasco was put together in 1971 by executives of Israeli Aircraft Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Israeli Defense Ministry that makes planes and missiles.

…At its Israeli hangars, currently jammed with 707s bearing obscure markings, Atasco remodels the interiors to suit customers, and paints on their proud colors – Iran Air, Tarom of Romania, Uganda Airlines.

In May 1976, Atasco sold the 707 that was once Pan Am’s “Clipper Jupiter” to a firm in Zurich, which dealt it on to [Idi] Amin.

Intelligence sources say that the head of this Zurich firm is a 15-year veteran of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, and the firm is an agency “laundry.” It exists, these sources say, to pass on Mossad funds for deals in which the Israeli secret service is interested.

The Washington Post, one of the most important newspapers in the United States, is a leading national newspaper of record. Oddly, however, the extremely important information contained in this article about ATASCO was never repeated in any of the subsequent articles in which this mysterious company was mentioned, for example, when Gerald L. Gitner, an aviation executive with Pan Am, TWA, and a host of smaller airlines, was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ATASCO USA, Inc.

Since Eisenberg was the “sole owner” of ATASCO since 1973, the Mossad’s “aircraft trading and services” company naturally began its murky business on the American continent in Panama.  In 1978 the Washington Post reported that there were “frequent but unsubstantiated reports that Eisenberg operates mostly from Central America.” Eisenberg was the “Panamanian honorary general consul in Tel Aviv,” the Post reported. The first mention of ATASCO other than the 1978 article in the Washington Post was in the New York Times on October 29, 1981, when it reported that Emery Air Freight had purchased a Boeing 727-100 from Atasco-Panama.

Israel Aircraft Industries also has a branch, IAI Sucursal Colombia, in Bogota, Colombia.  Colombia is a nation better known for the production and distribution of cocaine than aircraft. Why would IAI establish aircraft leasing and maintenance facilities in Colombia and Panama?

…There are a number of indications that the Mossad is deeply involved in the Colombian drug trade. The horde of Mossad operatives who were disguised as Israeli art students in the years prior to 9-11 were known to have been targeting the offices and personnel of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Why would the Mossad be seeking to penetrate the DEA if it were not involved in drug smuggling?

…IAI and Bedek had “offices in Arlington, Va., New York City, Princeton, New Jersey for its Galaxy Aerospace subsidiary; and in Miami for its Commodore Aviation unit” according to the Seattle PostIntelligencer article from 1998. Florida Governor Jeb Bush made a four-day trade mission to Israel in November 1999 during which he appealed to the state-owned Israel Aircraft Industries to expand their business operations in Florida. IAI’s Miami-based Commodore Aviation was already the largest Israeli business presence in Florida in 1999 with about 500 employees….In 2003, Commodore Aviation “part of the Bedek Aviation Group” pulled out of Miami, reportedly owing nearly a million dollars to the Miami Airport, and moved to Rome, New York where it renamed its operation “Empire Air Center”…

Note the proximity of IAI’s business territory with the four major anthrax contamination zones: WashD.C./No.Virginia, New York City, Princeton [mailbox] and Miami [to Boca Raton]


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