Princeton Mailbox

“The anthrax letters are believed to have been mailed from Princeton, New Jersey.  In August 2002, investigators found anthrax spores in a city street mailbox located at 10 Nassau Street near the Princeton University campus. About 600 mailboxes that could have been used to mail the letters were tested for anthrax. The box on Nassau Street was the only one to test positive.”
                                                 ____________________________________________ Aug. 15 [2002] —” Anthrax spores were found in a mailbox this week on Nassau Street, bringing the FBI’s investigation back to Princeton….The mailbox, which was located across the street from Holder Hall, has been replaced, and state authorities say they consider present health risks minimal. But the finding has renewed hope that the investigation, which began in October, will eventually succeed in finding the mailer of the anthrax letters. Four of the letters were postmarked near Princeton”….”The contaminated Nassau Street mailbox does not prove that any of the anthrax letters were sent from Princeton. The box holds both incoming and outgoing mail — individuals deposit letters to be sent, and the postal service uses the box to store sorted, incoming letters addressed to local residents. An incoming letter that had been through the same sorting equipment as one of the anthrax letters might have carried the spores to Princeton. It is also possible, however, that an outbound letter could have left the spores behind. The FBI has not said which part of the mailbox was the source of the spores or if spores could have spread from the inbound to the outbound part of the box.”

Aug 14, 2002 – [Daily News] “Probers this week found old anthrax spores in a mailbox at the intersection of Nassau and Bank Sts. in downtown Princeton and believe that’s where letters were dropped in one of two mailings, Sept. 18 and Oct. 9…. Some people were concerned that they didn’t realize the mailbox had been tainted for nearly a year. “I’ve been using that …box,” said Carmen Guagliardo. “It’s worrisome. I feel sorry for the mailman.” Letter carrier Cleveland Stevenson, 46, who serves the mailbox daily, was pretty calm. “I don’t feel it’s anything new,” he said. “I just use gloves.”… 

Aug 15, 2002 – [Express Times] “U.S. Rep. Rush Holt on Wednesday demanded that the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation explain what Holt describes as foot-dragging in the investigation of anthrax mailings that originated in the Princeton area last fall…  It now appears that it has taken the FBI nearly a year to test all of these mailboxes (around the Hamilton facility) for anthrax,” Holt wrote. “One does not need to be a trained criminologist to know that identifying where the tainted envelopes entered the mail stream should be a primary goal of the FBI investigation.” … “Failure to test all mailboxes and other paths certainly hurts a criminal investigation and it also fails to close the possibilities that there are still infectious quantities of anthrax in the system,” Holt continued. “I have some doubt whether the FBI has even now tested all the mailboxes feeding Hamilton for anthrax.” …Holt in his missive asked that Mueller provide a chronology explaining when the mailboxes feeding the Hamilton postal facility were tested…”   

The anthrax tainted mailbox in Princeton, on Nassau Street in front of landmark Holder Hall, is also the main office of Rockefeller College … &Itemid=58 …”The Holder Tower fronting Nassau Street is quite discernible from a distance and distinctive to the College. The College Office entrance from Nassau Street is adjacent to the tower”…
—In 1915, it was called the Department of Animal Pathology (DAP) of the Rockefeller Insitute for Medical Research. Frank Carlucci, James Baker and Donald Rumsfeld went to Princeton together. Judith Miller, New York Times journalist who got a hoax letter at her office Oct. 12, is also a Princeton graduate.

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