South Florida Aviation

“General aviation and commuter air services between Florida and the nearby islands are inextricably linked with drug-running, which was highlighted during the Iran-contra hearings of the late 1980s, and which of course has never ceased. These operations are associated in the popular mind with Oliver North, but it should be recalled that the covert operations czar of the Reagan administration was of course Vice President George Bush, who directed every phase of Iran-contra with the help of figures like Felix Rodriguez. (Tarpley 1992) This pattern was later confirmed by former DEA agent Celerino Castillo, who personally confronted Bush about drug running, but got no response. The DEA estimates that two thirds of the illegal drugs coming into the US pass through the Bahamas….Underlying many of these connections is the sinister presence of CIA Miami Station, which was created in the early 1960s as the CIA’s large-scale domestic facility. This is the infamous JM/WAVE which is described in the unauthorized biography of George Bush. (Tarpley 1992) Not far away is the Hobe Sound/Jupiter Island complex, the wintering place for some of the most prominent oligarchical masters of human destiny….After Venice, Atta and Shehhi rented planes from Kemper Aviation at North Palm Beach Airport near Miami in August 2001. Owner Joe Kemper spent 20 years in Peru and Bolivia as a “missionary pilot” for the evangelical-run SAMAlR (South American Mission Air) which worked to bring fundamentalism to Andes mountains Indio tribes. SAMAIR is a part of an international evangelical/Pentecostal air wing, often drawing on former military pilots, who are not accidentally often found in areas in the middle of civil wars, drug gangs, and mercenary intelligence operations in Third World countries. Additionally, Joe Kemper’s chief pilot trainer between 1989 and 1999 was Jean-Francois Buslik, who was later arrested on murder charges filed in Belgium, Buslik was implicated in the 1982-85 Brabant killings, a wave of serial killings and de facto strategy of tension which claimed the lives of over 30 victims at supermarkets in the Brussels suburbs. These were no ordinary flight schools. (Mad Cow Morning News 41; EIR, October 26, 2001)
14 ‘hijackers’ were based in South Florida and 5 ‘hijackers’ based in San Diego: “The SanDiego contingent would take care of the Pentagon” (
Lantana Airport  …has “visa authority for foreign students”, situated 18 miles north of Boca Raton (airport) and AMI.
“Lantana is a busy airport, with banner operators, an occasional blimp, mixing it up with flight school and regular traffic. Pilots should exercise their best traffic pattern etiquette…
“During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a series of executive jets used the airport. The county commission, with intense neighborhood pressure, passed an ordinance banning all jets….The planning of a South County airport to replace the existing Boca Raton Airport had a very direct effect on Lantana Airport….The airport in the past has played a considerable part in the emerging development of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands north of Haiti. It has also been an important jump-off place for general aviation activities through these islands and further into the Caribbean….The Lantana Airport is used by many none-based operations….An emerging small parcel carriage business, along with fast carriage documents and checks, utilizes the airport because of the close entrance off the I-95 Interstate and a landing take off operation can be accomplished quickly.”
..”now officially named Palm Beach County Air Park, but still universally called Lantana (LNA)”…
Kemper Aviation Inc.  “Two graduate biology students and an employee of Florida Atlantic University were killed along with the pilot, who owned the Kemper Aviation school based at Lantana Airport….the pilot was Jeff Rozelle; the FAU were Damion Marx, 35…[and] Phillip Heidemann, 43, who was assisting Marx…The name of the FAU lab technician was not immediately released.
…The plane, built in 1999, was registered to Rohan Aviation Inc., which is a trademark of Kemper Aviation Inc…
…the cause was unknown.
   Two other recent crashes of Kemper planes killed four people….According to its website, Kemper Aviation is authorized to enroll international students and resident immigrants into flight training classes”…    ..”The airport did not get a mayday call”..   “Gareth Akerman’s father..Jeremy Akerman, a former leader of Nova Scotia’s New Democratic Party…[said] ‘As I understand it, the university chartered that company because it would make those flights…and those kind of flights are, by their very nature, very risky because you have to fly at low altitudes and you have to make very, very sharp turns’….
‘The Florida flight school should have been shut down long ago’, said Mary Schiavo, a former inspector general for the U.S. Transportation Department.
…’the warning signs were everywhere’ said Schiavo…The number of crashes Kemper had is ‘astronomical’ she said. And the company trained two of the 9-11 hijackers, she said.” 

Huffman Aviation

“On July 25, 2000, Wally Hilliard’s LearJet was surrounded by machine-gun-toting DEA agents at Orlando Executive Airport. They found 43 lbs. of heroin aboard…Although Hilliard claimed innocence, saying the plane had been leased to others, DEA Agents testified that Hilliard’s planes made 39 weekly trips to Venezuela before being busted, and Federal prosecutors argued Hilliard was not an “innocent owner,” and therefore should get back the plane…

The list of individuals that Wallace J. Hilliard is associated with who are involved in America’s “Clandestine Services” and who can fairly be described as “covert operatives”  is a long one. Another example is Farhad Azima, who leased his plane to Ollie North so he could go to Iran, was implicated in the S & L scandal ( specifically Indian Springs S & L out of Kansas City), named in the Lincoln Bedroom scandal, and has run CIA affiliated airlines going all the way back to the 70’s with Egyptian-American Air Transport.

…Almost eight years had passed since terrorists practiced ‘touch & go’s’ on the airport’s runways.  It is an open secret in aviation circles in Southwest Florida that the two men who had had direct business dealings with terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta—Dutch national Rudi Dekkers and American financier Wally Hilliard—have personal and business histories that cannot withstand close scrutiny.” 

“Another owner of the flight school in Venice Florida that trained Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi to fly is in trouble with the law; current owner Arthur G. Nadel, 75,  was arrested recently for running a Ponzi scheme which methodically looted investors in his Sarasota-based hedge funds of more than $300 million.” 

March 1, 2010
“In a surprise court appearance last Wednesday hedge fund owner Art Nadel pled guilty in a New York Federal court….
If things look bad for Nadel’s hapless investors, the outlook for the citizens of Venice, Florida, where Nadel owned the same business that earlier trained Mohamed Atta to fly, looks absolutely bleak. For them, Nadel’s descent, “from hedge fund owner to handcuffs,” may feel a little like going from the frying pan into the fire.  The chief lieutenant of the new owner of the former Huffman Aviation, who is often named President of the various financial entities of his boss, was at the heart of a Wall Street scandal that was—until the financial meltdown last year—the biggest and costliest scandal Wall Street had ever seen. The name of the new owner, which a Venice City Attorney told the Venice City Council they had no right to know, is  Eugene Gorab. Gorab, who claimed to be worth more than 100 million dollars in an interview with the Sarasota Herald Tribune last year, made his pile buying and selling hotels and casinos.  He worked for a hugely successful tycoon named Barry Sternlicht, who, while Gorab was working for him, owned more casinos than anyone on the planet.   Gorab owns the majority stake in private equity fund Greenfield Partners in Norwalk Connecticut, just a few exits up the Merritt Parkway from Greenwich, where Fairfield Partners helped Bernie Madoff relieve investors of unwanted capital.  More interesting by far is that Gorab owns Clayton Holdings, a company whose failures in due-diligence played a direct role in the multibillion dollar collapse of the nation’s housing market….Gorab, who didn’t own Clayton Holdings until recently, wasn’t responsible….Will Eugene Gorab—the man who now owns Huffman Aviation—let the world take a look at Clayton’s books?” 
Michael D. Farkas and SkyWay Communications (SkyWay Aircraft)

“Last week we reported the discovery that SkyWay Aircraft  had been leasing a “repair” facility for more than $20,000 a month at DFW Airport in Dallas—even though the company had nothing to repair— from Richard Rainwater, called “George W. Bush’s biggest supporter” and “the power behind the throne” in news accounts during Bush’s first Presidential campaign.

New evidence unearthed since then has begun to fill in the picture of an operation which boasted a bewildering international cast of characters, in San Diego, Israel, Miami, Dallas, and in the case of two prominent principals, on the lam…

SkyWay Aircraft was not a real entity”…  

..Since the MadCowMorningNews was successful last month in obtaining the FAA registration records for “Cocaine One,” the accumulating evidence has all pointed to a clear conclusion: the DC9 carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine was a CIA plane which belongs to the Agency’s no-longer-totally-secret airline…

…Along with GenesisIntermedia, the stock of two other companies was used to generate fraudulent loans in the Stockwalk scam. One was a company called Holiday RV. Stores. The other was Imperial Credit Industries.  Michael Farkas is involved with both firms.

Holiday R.V. Stores was owned and controlled by Michael Farkas, through a holding company he founded called Atlas Recreational Holdings.  Michael Farkas and Adnan Khashoggi were partners in a $300 million scam. It was called “the largest brokerage industry failure in more than 30 years.” …Michael Farkas, is also on the board of Genesis Realty, founded by Ramy El-Batrawi, a man who is clearly no piker when it comes to pilfering money from a public company…His GenesisIntermedia exploits put Glenn and Brent Kovar’s $40 million theft at SkyWay in the shade…

…Before leaving the ties between Michael Farkas and Ramy El-Batrawi and Adnan Khashoggi, we discovered a story from the St Paul Pioneer Press (where the fraud bankrupted one of that city’s biggest firms) that may help explain our contention that what we are witnessing is the daily workaday transactions of a very large but still-invisible organization: “SEC filings show ties among Imperial, Holiday and Genesis,” reported the Saint Paul Pioneer Press on April 22 2002.

The Israeli Connection, Pt. 1

“For example, El-Batrawi owns a private company called Genesis Diversified Investments, which is an investor in a company called Aviation Group that in 2001 merged with a British Columbia company called Travelbyus.” “Lee Sanders, the chairman of Travelbyus is a director of Holiday. Riley is a former chief executive of Holiday and its largest shareholder. Riley also is among the largest shareholders of Imperial.”  

 Michael Farkas’ connections to right wing Israeli political parties, and to Israeli Mossad,  have already been ably covered by others. Farkas was listed in 2005 as president of Manhigut USA. This is the US branch of the Israeli Manhigut Yehudit, involved in fundraising  for the radical settlers who were trying to resist the Gaza withdrawal…he is also the American sales agent for anti-missile technology developed by Israel Aircraft Industries, and is a Director of spy technology company CCS”…


American Media Inc’s owner, Evercore Partners director Tony Pritzker and his Pritzker Group, had a joint venture with Israel Aircraft Industries –Galaxy Aerospace, which moved from Princeton New Jersey in late 1997 to Alliance Airport in Fort Worth. Galaxy was sold to General Dynamics months before 9/11. See the Galaxy Aerospace page for more.


“In April,2006 it was revealed that a plane owned by Skyway Communications of Lakeland,Florida and Royal Sons holding company using Huffman Aviation(where Mohamed Atta trained before 9/11),as its address and paradoxically rented by the Howard Dean’s Democrat presidential campaign of 2004 had been busted by the Mexican army at the Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche airport on the Yucatan Peninsula with over 5.5 tons of cocaine on board.
Now yet another plane,(a Gulfstream II),that crashed in the Yucatan on Sept 24th this year with 4 tons of cocaine on board has connections to the Skyway Communications DC-9,(confiscated by the Mexican army and now used by the Mexican Attorney General’s office),as well as to Guantanamo ‘rendition’ flights that may have taken place from or through Europe.Skyway Communications,a penny stock ‘pump and dump’ is,according to Daniel Hopsicker of madcowprod and SEC filings,connected to Titan Corporation(torturors at Abu Ghraibe,etc.),a subsidiary of Level-3 Corporation of San Diego,California that has done very well for itself financially in the ‘war on terror’. Titan in San Diego strangely enough has been employer to a mysterious Lebanese-American,Makram Chams, who owned a Kwik Check cashing business in Venice,Florida that cashed a $70,000 check for Mr. Atta that was sent from Dubai,(now the official home of Halliburton),shortly before 9/11.
American-Israeli attorney Michael Farkas, founder of Skyway Communications,has both U.S. intelligence connections as well as far right Israeli connections including to Israel’s largest defense or military corporation.He supports Israeli West Bank settlements or occupation of Palestinian land as well.
Company executives include the Kovars,Glenn and Brent,father and son.” 

There was another Skyway carrier offshore in the Cayman Islands decades earlier called Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd. set up by Jim Bath, according to Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets:
“Since the Federal Aviation Administration will certify only planes owned by Americans, Bath acted as a front man for Saudi aviation purchases. In 1977, ostensibly on behalf of Salem bin Laden, Bath bought the Houston Gulf Airport, a small private facility in League City, Texas… Bath also bought aircraft for bin Laden. Upon purchase, Bath immediately renovated the airport.. to accommodate.. large corporate jets and even light commercial aircraft. Bath bragged that Houston Gulf.. had no U.S. Customs presence…  By the time Poppy [G.H.W.] Bush became vice president in 1980, this Bath-fronted, Saudi-funded cover for American intelligence was involved in a broad range of covert activities.. from supplying BCCI with airplanes to playing an integral role in.. Iran-Contra. Bath set up Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd in the Cayman Islands and became the sole director. A deposition of Bath in a subsequent lawsuit would reveal that the real owner was his Saudi friend Salem bin Laden. In essence, Bath was the vehicle through which Osama bin Laden’s brother owned a CIA-connected airline. Via Skyway, Bath brokered about $150 million worth of private aircraft deals to major BCCI stockholders.” [pp313-314]   …”In 1991, Bath acknowledged to Time that he was friends with George W. Bush as a result of their time together in the Texas Air National Guard..” [p315]
“…According to court records in Miami, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which has since emerged as one of the largest bank frauds in history, opened a branch here just to cater to Munther Ismael Bilbeisi, a Jordanian businessman and Boca Raton resident indicted in August 1991 on tax evasion charges stemming from a coffee-smuggling scheme financed by BCCI” [see Boca Raton page]
“Bath’s decision to join the  Texas Air National Guard would have been purely voluntary since he had already fulfilled his military service obligation. As a ‘weekend warrior’, working in aircraft sales for a Dallas-based company (Brown Aero), Bath was hired in 1968 as Houston vice president for Atlantic Aviation. That firm, a holding of the fabulously wealthy Du Pont family of Delaware, has been identified as associated with the CIA. Among other things, Bath would be given the exclusive contract to sell the corporate jet manufactured by Israeli Aircraft Industries in the United States.” [p283, Family of Secrets]

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