The Clean Up

Hamilton mail center: March 14, 2005, “The New Jersey post office that handled anthrax-laced letters reopened Monday morning, nearly 3 [and one half] years after the deadly mailings… The center was stripped to its bare walls in a renovation with an estimated cost between $80 million and $100 million. All the furniture and mail-sorting equipment was replaced. The building was fumigated early last year with chlorine dioxide gas… The building now has sensors to detect anthrax and other biological agents –a feature that all the nation’s postal distribution centers are due to receive…”


American Media Inc

August 16, 2002 — “US Sen. Bill Nelson said today he is drafting legislation to require the federal government’s assistance in cleaning up the anthrax-contaminated American Media Inc. building at the Arvida Park of Commerce….Nelson said he is working with Sen Lieberman to find a create the new homeland security agency…

In a meeting with AMI President David Pecker, AMI general counsel Michael Kahane and Palm Beach County Commissioner Carol Roberts, Nelson said there are several options for cleaning up the building. One such option would require the army base at Ft. Detrick, Maryland to accept the contaminated waste. AMI has been unable to clean the building up on its own because it can’t find any landfills willing to accept the biohazardous waste. The federal government had a similar problem when it cleaned up the Hart Senate office building. Contaminated materials from Hart and the Brentwood postal facility in Washington, D.C. were sent to the Ft. Detrick facility.

Other options include a federal takeover of the building. Under this scenario the federal government would clean it up and then sell it. AMI estimates it will cost about $9 million to clean up the 67,000 square-foot building. Yet another option would allow the federal government to keep the building to conduct research on anthrax contamination. Nelson’s amendment would allow for all three options.”…. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sealed the building after its contamination, since then it has provided only a consultant to offer advice on cleanup. In the mean time, the FBI has periodically entered the building to collect additional air samples for use in its ongoing investigation. They plan to re-enter the building next week.

…The most extensive cleanup to date was in the Senate Hart Building – where anthrax was discovered in an envelope mailed to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. The EPA cleaned up the Hart by using chlorine dioxide. The building reopened on January 22. Cleanup of the Brentwood postal facility in Washington, D.C. began at the end of July and still is ongoing.”


American Media Inc. was sold in 2003 to David A. Rustine for $40,000. Rustine was formerly with Prudential Insurance (NY) before setting up his real estate/contracting business in Florida in 1984, which he named “Crown Companies” (Crown Real Estate Inc., Crown Leasing and Management Inc., and Crown Contractors, Inc.)
Wikipedia notes this about Prudential

“During the 1980s and 1990s, Prudential Securities Incorporated (PSI), formerly a division of Prudential Financial, was investigated by the SEC for suspected fraud. During the investigation, it was found that PSI had defrauded investors of close to $8 billion, the largest fraud found by the SEC in US history to that point. The SEC charged that Prudential allowed rogue executives to cheat customers on a large scale and blithely ignored a 1986 SEC order to overhaul its internal enforcement of securities laws. In all, some 400,000 individual investors lost money on the deals.”

Did Rustine have any part in that? What motive did he have for naming his business “Crown Companies”? Is there a relationship with private equity bankers at Henry Crown & Co.?
Henry Crown (1896-1990), a.k.a. Henry Krinsky ..”gained a controlling interest in General Dynamics in 1959 when he merged the company with MSC [Material Service Corporation]“…
{{General Dynamics “Gulfstream” subsidiary bought out  Galaxy Aerospace (joint Pritzker/Israel Aircraft Industries) several months before 9-11}}  —’Crown’ and ‘Pritzker’ have more in common than as respective owners of Hilton and Hyatt hotels: their patron company founders grew up in the same neighborhood
20. Henry Crown, along with his two brothers, started Material Service Corporation in 1919 and launched a business empire that came to include ownership of the Empire State Building and interests in the Hilton Corporation and General Dynamics. He was a decorated colonel serving in the Corps of Engineers in World War II. The Crown family has been a major source of funds for numerous Jewish causes, with special support for Jewish education.
21. Abram Nicholas Pritzker, known as A.N., was the patriarch of one of Chicago’s most successful and most philanthropic families. Like Henry Crown, he grew up in the Wicker Park neighborhood, and later earned a law degree from Harvard. He helped develop a diversified group of companies that included the Hyatt Hotel chain, Hammond Organ and McCall’s magazine. He and his family have made substantial financial contributions to numerous institutions in Chicago, throughout the country and in Israel.”

—an NYC division of Prudential was involved in the largest Wall Street cocaine bust in DEA history (1991-92), thanks in part to the Postal Service who uncovered collateral “mail fraud” charges.  The firm involved, Brooks, Weinger, Robbins & Leeds, had a Boca Raton office. {{the stage sets here for earlier associations with smuggling at airports, fraudulent stock investing, motive against the Postal Service (and infiltration of the DEA?), and connections with CIA and Israeli operatives, including one Mr. Joel S. Nadel, founder of The Royal Society of Liechtenstein (with an address in Zurich, Switzerland) whose business became incorporated into Agora Inc. of Baltimore as the Oxford Club. Jerold Weinger, of the drug-busted firm named above, and Nadel were together with lawyer Jeffrey G. Klein as a three-man board of directors of Quantum Ventures Group, a related shell company to ‘Goldcor’ which was also headed by the above named (Michael) Leeds. The Goldcor president, Richard Brown, was found shot to death August 17, 1991.

Royal Society of Liechtenstein

–BioPort, the anthrax vaccine producer, had a Crown & Co. associate in its circle in Boca Raton: former Israeli IDF Intelligence in the web of “Israeli Tech Acquisition Corp–BioPort–Kellstrom”, Kellstrom director Niv Harizman, formerly of CitiCorp, BT Alex Brown, Credit Suisse and currently Plainfield Asset Management LLC, noted for inside ‘put’ options before 9-11.

January 13, 2004  ” Boca Raton, FL. Flanked by Rudolph W. Giuliani, Chairman and CEO of Giuliani Partners LLC, and John Y. Mason, President and CEO of Sabre Technical Services LLC, David Rustine, President of Crown Companies and the new owner of the American Media Inc. (AMI) building announced today that Bio·ONE™ has been selected to decontaminate and remediate the building –– site of the first recognized anthrax incident in 2001…”Bio·ONE has unique chlorine dioxide-based technology and experience cleaning-up anthrax-contaminated buildings with no residual toxicity. This made them the clear choice,” said Rustine.”

—Valuable things went missing during the clean-up. Even Elvis’s picture left the building:  “David Rustine, the Boca Raton developer who inherited millions of celebrity photos when he bought the tabloid’s contaminated headquarters for $40,000 in 2003 says he suspects the 1977 photo was snatched by a man who teamed with former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giulianai to clean the building” … ews_id=146
“AMI was paid millions by its insurer for its archive of prints and photographs before Rustine bought the $3.8 million building for a song. In the case of the Elvis photo, reports indicate it was owned by AMI.” … elvis.html
“The Elvis Photo was destroyed,” say the attorneys representing a New York man who is accused of snatching the picture from the anthrax-tainted former headquarters of the National Enquirer.”…”As evidence that the photo was destroyed, Mason’s attorneys included a grainy picture of a man wearing a white hooded jumpsuit and a gas mask. The man, whom they identify as tabloid in-house counsel Daniel Rotstein, is holding the photo that produced a record 6.5 million sales for the Enquirer when it was on the cover of the tabloid shortly after Elvis Presley’s August 1977 death.
The picture of Rotstein was snapped shortly before the Elvis photo and hundreds of others were shredded, the attorneys contend. Rotstein, they say, oversaw the shredding.”…”Royce Emley, a former promotion manager for AMI, said the negative of the Presley photo — one of five shot of the dead rock-and-roll icon — was kept in a vault. He suspects top editors grabbed the negatives before they evacuated the building during the anthrax attack.” … 45407.html
“Rustine planned to destroy 4.5 million pictures — including a photo of Elvis Presley in his coffin — along with 305,000 pounds of other materials that have all been kept in sealed storage since the attacks. Several photographers objected, and Rustine agreed to decontaminate the items, AP reported.
This effort will be 20 times larger than decontaminating documents from Capitol Hill following the anthrax mailings to Washington, said John Mason, president and CEO of contractor Bio-ONE.”
July 2005 … 45407.html  BioONE officials would not comment on the nature of their continuing work and referred all questions to the EPA. Malecki said the company would continue to provide “emergency assistance.”
Several months ago, BioONE announced its plans to move into the building and establish its headquarters there once Malecki lifts a quarantine on the building.
“BioONE is committed to being part of the Boca Raton business community,” the company asserted in a written statement Wednesday.” Giuliani Firm Anthrax Work Ends in a Feud
November 29, 2005
Boca Raton’s mayor, Steven Abrams, boasted to local residents that, in terms of the building’s tenants, the city was trading up. “It used to be home of the National Enquirer and now it’s the home of a national hero,” Mr. Abrams said last fall as he and Mr. Giuliani campaigned for President Bush.
…In the Bio-One episode…Ms. Cavanagh said both her firm and the real estate investor who bought the contaminated building from American Media for $40,000, David Rustine, assumed at the outset that all the boxed up materials would be destroyed.
…The photo files could be among the most hazardous items ever on the site. It was a photo editor for American Media, Robert Stevens, who died after being exposed…
…Bio-One now says it has no plans to move into the tabloid publisher’s former offices. “We really were committed to making the building itself into a symbol that we can handle these types of issues,” Ms. Cavanagh said. “Because of what occurred with the owner, obviously that didn’t work out.”
Marcor Remediation
“Who completed the work on the American Media building? A company named Marcor. From Marcor’s web site let me quote, and I hope your socks are on tight, as this might knock your socks off. It stated: “Marcor was the first contractor to arrive for the 9/11 World Trade Center forensic recovery effort at Fresh Kill Landfill, and was the last to leave the scene. Marcor worked closely with the New York City police department…”
Rustine said a relative of his was a Marcor executive….
12/06/2002—MARCOR Remediation honored for its work on ground zero clean-up “MARCOR is being honored with the 2002 Project of the Year Award presented by New York Construction News for its work on the clean-up at Ground Zero following the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001.”
Marcor president: David A. Jungers
Boca Raton American Media Inc.’s building reopened
February 23rd, 2007
Tabloid publisher American Media Inc.’s former headquarters was reopened Thursday after years of decontamination from an anthrax attack…
* … cant-vero/  “Public records show Rustine later sold the building for $9.29 million in May 2007″
And this unexplainably exorbitant profit was made not too long before the Florida market went bust… ” More than 300,000 residential units sit empty across Florida, 64,588 properties were in foreclosure as of May 2009, second only to Nevada, and real estate prices are still plummeting. Nonetheless, state lawmakers are making it easier for developers to add even more. Gov. Charlie Crist signed this bill with the reasoning that it would ease government oversight and exempt many areas from a requirement that says builders must pay for road improvements…The bill rewrites Florida’s 25-year-old growth management law, principally by allowing developers in the most urban counties to add more housing developments without expanding roads and by allowing counties and cities to designate new urban areas that also would be exempt…Crist signed the bill in private with no public ceremony. His press office issued a terse news release that attributed no quotations to Crist endorsing the legislation. Florida is now even more in the grip of the real estate developers”…
Albany, N.Y.-based Sabre Technical Services LLC.   “Sabre Technical Services, which decontaminated two post offices and the Hart Senate Building after other anthrax attacks in 2001, will join Giuliani Partners to create Bio-ONE.”    NEW ORLEANS — November 14, 2005 — Pascal’s Manale, the New Orleans landmark restaurant that created the world famous dish, barbecue shrimp, will be fumigated with chlorine dioxide gas on Tuesday, November 15th by Sabre Technical Services. The method to be used was successfully employed following the 2001 anthrax attacks at the Hart Senate Office Building, the Curseen Morris Postal Facility in Washington D.C. [Brentwood], the Hamilton Postal Facility in New Jersey and the AMI Building in Boca Raton, Florida. It is now being used in New Orleans to combat the heavy mold and other biological contaminants resulting from the flooding following Hurricane Katrina….[John Y.] Mason added, “Sabre mobilized its equipment and personnel to New Orleans within days after the flooding.”
Rudolph Giuliani –[b.1944] …”In 1981, Giuliani was named Associate Attorney General, the third highest position in the Department of Justice. As Associate Attorney General, Giuliani supervised all of the US Attorney Offices’ Federal law enforcement agencies, the Bureau of Corrections, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the US Marshals.

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