The Hijackers

14 ‘hijackers’ were based in South Florida and 5 ‘hijackers’ based in San Diego: “The SanDiego contingent would take care of the Pentagon” ( ) ……
“Hijackers lesion deepens mystery”  ..”Atta explored the availability of crop-dusting aircraft and visited a Florida pharmacy seeking help for his red, irritated hands, conceivably caused by use of disinfectants…
   The revelation that Alhaznawi was seen for an anthrax-like lesion only deepens the mystery…
This was fully investigated and widely vetted among multiple agencies….Exhaustive testing did not support that anthrax was present anywhere the hijackers had been….According to the Times account and other sources, Alhaznawi, a 20-year-old believed to be a Saudi national, came to Holy Cross Hospital to seek treatment for a lesion on his leg.
…Dr. Christos Tsonas cleaned the wound, precsribed the antibiotic Keflex and thought nothing more of it until October….[Donald A.] Henderson said a lesion of the sort described is relatively rare…
   Pharmacist Gregg Chatterton said..that the two men [who came in his store, Huber Healthmart Drugs in Delray]..stood in the aisle so long that he became suspicious…The man later identified as Atta spoke, saying “My hand –my hands burn, they are itching” Chatterton recalled.
The pharmacy is not far from the tabloid newspaper [AMI] in Boca Raton.”
>>A news report from Oct 31, the day the Manhattan hospital worker died, states …”the source of Nguyen’s [fatal] infection remains unknown. A co-worker’s suspicious lesion has been determined not to be anthrax.”  –none of the doctors involved at any of the medical facilities during the 2001 attacks had ever seen a case of anthrax infection before. Most doctors never will in their lifetime.  
The Identity of Mohamed Atta  —seeing Doubles?
…”One witness sees Atta in Logan Airport on the morning of September 9 though he was officially in Baltimore”…
…”How come the finnlist mentions an address in Delray Beach, Washington [DC] and Baltimore?”…
…”During the month of August 2001, the San Diego trio of Al-Hamzi, Al Midhar and Hanjour went traveling. One or two of them were at various times reported as sighted in Falls Church, Virginia getting illegal drivers licenses. They were in Las Vegas, and then in Baltimore, followed by ten days in New Jersey. Sightings were then reported in southern Maryland. However, their neighbors at the Parkwood Apartments in San Diego said that Al Hazmi, Al Midhar, and Hanjour had all stayed put in San Diego until about September 1, or perhaps as late as September 8. The use of doubles is standard intelligence practice in synthetic terrorism. If there is something the terrorist controllers need a patsy to do, but which the patsy is unwilling or incapable of accomplishing, then a double will step in to see that the necessary action is indeed carried out. At times in 1963 there were two or perhaps even three Lee Harvey Oswalds….” 
Oct. 15, 2001 “Sun editor Michael Irish’s wife, Gloria, rented unit 1504 at the Delray Racquet Club to Marwan Alshehhi and Saeed Alghamdi this summer, said FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela.
Alshehhi was aboard United Airlines Flight 175, the second jet to strike the World Trade Center. Alghamdi was on United Flight 93, which crashed 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh when passengers apparently thwarted an attempt to target another building…  “We are not searching the apartment at this time,” Orihuela said from outside the tabloid’s Boca Raton headquarters. “We are focusing on this building.” ….
Two terrorists, Alshehhi and Alghamdi, rented the apartment in Delray Beach just north of Boca Raton, the FBI said. The other seven, including suspected ringleader Mohamed Atta, are connected because they visited the apartment or otherwise had a direct tie to the inhabitants, a federal official familiar with the investigation told the Miami Herald….
Mike Irish, who, records show, is a licensed airplane pilot, several years ago was a member of the Civil Air Patrol based at a smallplane airport in Lantana, just north of Delray Beach, an official there told the Washington Post. One of the hijackers, Atta, reportedly rented a plane at that airport to practice flying for three days in August. Stevens, the Sun photo editor who died of anthrax Oct. 5, also lives in Lantana. But there is no indication whether Irish or Stevens ever crossed paths with Atta…
“In other developments Sunday….Nevada officials said four people who may have come into contact with a contaminated letter at a Microsoft office tested negative while results weren’t known for two others…..Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said he considered the anthrax cases in New York, Nevada and Florida to be instances of bioterrorism. “It certainly is an act of terrorism to send anthrax through the mail,” he said on Fox News Sunday. “
Makram Chams – “Hopsicker [of Mad Cow Morning News] learned from eyewitnesses — including a cab driver who drove Atta on a number of occasions, and who told this story to the FBI — that Atta frequently visited Makram Chams, a Lebanese who lived above a convenience store that he owned… Chams was no mere convenience store operator. He co-owned (along with one other investor) a casino ship called Vegas-in-Venice. This ship attracted a fair amount of attention because it had been left illegally in the harbor for over a year…. He knew, and apparently aided, Mohammed Atta and the other 9/11 terrorists… According to Associated Press, the terrorists took a mysterious trip on a SunCruz ship on September 5, 2001.”
SunCruz, the death of Gus Boulis, and Jack Abramoff
Chams was a ‘contractor’ for San Diego-based Titan Corporation.
The Finnlist
9-11 Hijackers had registered addresses in the following US cities (italics represent multiple listings/persons)
Locations known to be contaminated with anthrax — state, city, post office or victim– are marked with **
**Florida : Vero Beach, Delray Beach, Daytona, Venice, Hollywood, Miami, **Boca Raton, Sarasota, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Palm Beach, Pensacola, Punta Gorda, Coral Springs, Nokomis, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park
Texas : Houston, Dallas, Irving, Sugarland, San Wolfe, Arlington, San Antonio, Brownsville, Magnolia, South Padre Island, La Porte, Garland
Arizona : Phoenix, Mesa, Tuscon, Tempe, Chandler
California : San Diego, Lemon Grove, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Chino Hills, La Mesa, Fallbrook, Riverside
Massacusetts : Dorchester, Cambridge, Boston, Watertown, Chestnut Hill, Malden, Taunton
**Virginia : **Falls Church, McLean, **Alexandria, Springfield, Arlington, Vienna, Herndon, Radford City, Montgomery, Fairfax, Malden
**New Jersey : Florham Park, Fort Lee, Wayne, Jersey City, West Orange, Atlantic City, Elmhurst, New Brunswick
**Maryland : Laurel, Annapolis, Baltimore, **Silver Spring
Pennsylvania : Pittsburgh, Whitehall
Colorado : Denver, Aurora
**New York : Painted Post, Flushing, Jamaica
Ohio : Toledo, Dublin, Steubenville, Akron
Michigan : Ann Arbor, Dearborn
Oklahoma : Tulsa, Norman
Illinois : Justice, Chicago
Oregon : Hillsboro, Portland
**Indianapolis, Indiana
Decatur, Georgia
**Washington, D.C.
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Clarksville, Tennessee
Hanover, New Hampshire
Wichita, Kansas
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
**Kansas City, Missouri

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